Xbox One Console ReviewHave you heard of the Xbox One Console by Microsoft? Is your current game console dated and missing some of the new exciting features like Voice control? Would you like to enjoy a more life-like and immersive entertainment and gaming experience?

The Xbox One Console from Microsoft is the much awaited and highly anticipated gaming console that most gamers and game players have been waiting to be entertained by since its conception. The Xbox One Console by Microsoft offers users a new generation of realistic motion sensor games, full time entertainment of live television and streaming of online movies, listening to your favorite music and you can experience all this and much more just at the command of your voice! There are no remote controls needed or required.

The all-in-one Microsoft Xbox One console will take users to a new world of games and entertainment that is custom tailored according to the unique preferences of owners. The design of the Xbox One console is very modern, elegant and attractive. The all new Xbox One Console functioning with your TV are the only two electronic tech gadgets required for a complete family entertainment or heightened gaming experience.

Some Key Features of the Xbox One Console Enhanced by the all new Kinect

  • Real Vision: The field of sight and view is expanded by the Kinect Real Vision technology and a new active IR camera makes it useful in the dark. The advanced 3-D geometry technology is precise and can determine if your off balance in your posture.
  • Real Voice: This is an innovative feature that focuses on sounds due to the new multi-microphone array technology. The Kinect Real Voice technology delivers advanced noise isolation and even focuses on sounds in a crowded and noisier room. One of the most powerful features is being able to launch items on the Xbox One with your voice for quick access. This console makes full use of all your senses to deliver the best and most optimized entertainment experience possible.
  • Real Motion: Gestures and body movement to the smallest degree is tracked by the Kinect Real Motion technology. Precise control over game play and applications can be obtained even with the slightest change in your grip. This provides a more realistic experience for gamers and users.

What is the Xbox One Console Pricing?

The Xbox One Console standard edition is priced at approximately $500 but prices may vary between retailers and editions. Consumers should do some research to attempt to locate the best possible deal on this gaming system by Microsoft. Sometimes promotions, savings and discount opportunities can be obtained.

Who Would Buy and Use the Xbox One Console

Hard core gamers, teenagers, college grads and others who are Microsoft Xbox 360’s biggest fans would most likely find this gaming device highly entertaining. It offers everything in one gaming console from playing games to watching live TV, to streaming online movies on Netflix, to listening to your favorite music, having conversations on Skype, searching on Bing, watching YouTube videos and even more capabilities. All of these capabilities make a great value proposition to consumers looking for a gaming system.

Xbox One Console Benefits

  • You can watch movies, games, listen to music and watch live TV using your Xbox One.
  • Be immersed with the Xbox One’s blu-ray player where you can watch movies and play games in full high definition (HD).
  • The Xbox One is powered by an 8 core x86 processor that lets you switch between your entertainment apps and games instantly.
  • The HDMI pass-thru allows you to connect to the satellite box or cable and lets you watch live TV.
  • The Xbox One comes with 8GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard drive space which is an ample amount of space for your movies, games, demos, apps etc.
  • Wake up functionality to start quickly when users are ready to interact with the Xbox One console.
  • Ease of use and heightened capabilities for flexibility and movement between games, applications and functions.
  • New generation of Xbox Live for gamers that enjoy playing in the cloud. Get connected and network with the Xbox Community to be linked with other plays, games, songs, shows, movies and sporting events.
  • Good service with members that have an Xbox Live Gold Membership to use it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Split screen capabilities offered and available.
  • Powerful and well designed Xbox One Wireless Controller by Microsoft.
  • High performing hardware and technology built into the console device.

Xbox One Console Critiques

  • Some consumers may find this gaming console more expensive than older models but it delivers more features, functions and capabilities.

Xbox One Console Guarantee

The Xbox One Console should come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty but some retailers and third parties may offer extended service plans and warrantees. Consumers looking for a longer term guarantee should inquire for additional warranty options from their retailer or a third party.

Xbox One Console Availability

The Xbox One Console should be shipped worldwide by the end of 2013. Most online and offline retailers should be selling this gaming console because it is backed by Microsoft and it is a high in demand electronic device. Consumers should look for promotions and do some comparative pricing to identify any potential savings on this game console. The Xbox One Console should be widely available once released and some merchants even offer pre-ordering options to ensure you are one of the first consumers to get this gaming system.

Consumer Reviews for the Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console Review Side ViewThe Xbox One Console should have many reviews available online by gaming enthusiast and media sources. Over time as more consumers purchase this gaming console more owners are likely to post and share their experiences online. Consumers should do more research to determine if the Xbox One Console by Microsoft is the right entertainment system to suit their needs.

Final Thoughts on the Xbox One Console

Looking at the number of innovative and unique features the Microsoft’s Xbox One Console comes equipped with and includes it can definitely be considered a high powered entertainment system beyond a typical gaming device. The new generation Microsoft Kinect with real motion, voice and vision, the attractive look of the console, the high performing hardware, the advanced features and technology and the many functions and capabilities make the Xbox One Console by Microsoft an excellent entertainment system that will surely provide a heightened gaming experience and hours of fun for the family.

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