Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with Kinect


This Xbox 360 console features a large 250GB hard drive for storage and built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming. With the built-in Wi-Fi you can also stream live movies such as Netflix or connect to the Xbox marketplace for more apps and games to buy. This bundle also includes a free rechargeable wireless remote that has a battery life of 24 hours, it has a range of up to 30 feet and a quick connect Guide Button. The Kinect sensor mirrors every move you make, so your body becomes the controller. This holiday value bundle comes complete with two free games (Monkey See Monkey Do and Kinect Adventures) and a three month free Xbox Live Gold membership.



How Much?


This Xbox holiday bundle with Kinect and two games has an average sale price of $400 to $425 dollars.



Who Would Buy This?


This Xbox 360 system is great for all age groups. Teenagers love the online multiplayer function while younger children find the controls very easy to use. Parents like the fact that not only does it play games but movies can also be streamed through it. All ages love the Kinect sensor because there are games that vary from racing and dancing to health and fitness.



Things we like about the Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundle with Kinect


The best thing about this game console is how versatile it is and with 250 gigabytes, it has one of the largest memory storage capacities available. The Kinect is what really makes this a great buy though. With the Kinect you are not only playing a game but you become part of the game.



Things we did not like about the Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle with Kinect


The performance and quality of the Xbox 360 is outstanding, the only slight disappointment is with the streaming of movies. In order to stream movies (such as Netflix) or any other application, you must pay for a “Gold” membership with Xbox Live.


Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with Kinect Review 



There is a one year limited warranty on the console itself but there are also additional warranties that can be purchased.



Is The Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle With Kinect Worth The Money?


This bundle includes the Xbox 360 console, one wireless remote, the Kinect Sensor and two games. When you price all of these items separately, they exceed the price of this bundle by a wide margin. That makes this bundle a very good deal.



Where Can I Buy The Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle With Kinect?


This holiday bundle can be purchased through a few online stores but when you purchase it through the shipping is free.



More Customer Reviews For The Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle With Kinect


Customers were pleasantly surprised with how easy both the Xbox console and the Kinect Sensor was to set up. Other customers were just as pleasantly surprised with how attractive the Xbox console was.

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