VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO has recently launched its flagship M-series, offering some of the higher end HDTVs on the market today. If you are planning to buy an extra large LED for your TV lounge then you definitely need to look at the VIZIO M701d. The M701d is a 3D HDTV based on LED-LCD technology with a huge 70-inch flat panel screen that is surrounded by ultra thin bezels, which are barely visible and give this HDTV an attractive look. It grabs everyone’s attention and it’s interior metal structure and firm metal stand give it a solid look.

The M701d is a full HDTV, which delivers 1080p resolution with a theatre 3D experience and its passive 3D renders amazing quality graphics. Unlike other TVs, it has a 240Hz refresh rate for faster processing of pixels at higher frames while its edge-lit backlight combined with 16 zone local dimming function, allows viewers to adjust TV brightness and contrast to accommodate varying room environments. Moreover, users can enjoy their favorite 3D games on the big screen with more clarity.

The M701d model comes with a minimum of 4 pairs of 3D glasses, which are designed specifically for the M-series to help deliver the ultimate 3D experience and these glasses are also battery free. The M-series Razor is based on the smart TV platform and the M701d incorporates the VIZIO Internet App (V.I.A), which supports a huge variety of smart apps available on the Internet. With Wi-Fi connectivity viewers can directly stream their favorite multimedia content and the universal remote includes built-in Wi-Fi, a new innovation that eliminates the ‘line in sight’ requirement of old remotes.


How Much?

The average price of the VIZIO M701d M-Series is $2,499.99


Who Would Buy This VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO M701d is a first choice amongst high-end users that require a big LED to enhance the appearance of their living rooms or viewing areas and this is likely ideal for big families as well as multiple users that want to play games on the big screen.


VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV ReviewThings we like about the VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO M701d features a big 70-inch flat panel LED-LCD display with 3D theatre and Full HD 1080p resolution at a 240Hz refresh rate, with smart apps, Wi-Fi access, free 3D glasses and universal remote controller.


Things we did not like about the VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO M701d is a superior HDTV, however the company has not announced any support for its future hardware and software upgrades.



The VIZIO M-Series 3D LED SmartTVs are not yet available, however they are expected to come with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.


Is The VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV Worth The Money?

The VIZIO M701d is a 70-inch high definition 3D TV with a price tag of $2499.99, which is much less than its competing models available in the market, making it a product definitely worth its asking price.



Where Can I Buy The VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO M701d is expected to become available this year and will likely be carried in all major retail chains.

More Customer Reviews For The VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV  

The VIZIO M701d is a larger screen model of the M-Series and it is being greatly anticipated by consumers, many of whom have the intention of purchasing this TV for their homes as their next HDTV upgrade.

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