VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO, known as one of the best HDTV brands in the U.S. has once again taken the lead by revealing some of its most high definition 3D LED TVs at the CES 2013. The M551d is a 55-inch flat panel 3D LED TV based on LCD technology with an ultra slim design and highly advanced features. The new M-series is based on the latest platform that converts TV viewing experience into real 3D cinema entertainment.

Its thin bezels along side of screen are hardly visible and its unique metal stand with shiny finish helps to give it a luxury look. The M551d features passive 3D, which is capable of displaying full HD 1080p resolution and its fast 3D engine up converts media content into high definition 3D fun. The big LED-LCD display incorporates a high 240Hz refresh rate at full resolution and includes advance edge-lit with local dimming that delivers extra bright and sharper pictures.

VIZIO has made some innovations in its remote controller too, touching new heights of technology and adding a Wi-Fi feature that makes it universal controller no longer needed to be in line with the actual TV to change channels like most traditional remotes. The M551d includes Wi-Fi connectivity allowing viewers to enjoy direct streaming from the Internet and its latest software platform has built-in support for the latest apps including access to HD movie databases. Moreover, its up converting feature allows user to watch online movies with much greater optimized quality.


How Much?

The average price of the VIZIO M551d M-Series is $1,199.99


Who Would Buy This VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO M551d is a high-end TV with theatre 3D and is a complete source of entertainment for the whole family. The M551d is an ideal HDTV for middle income families and incorporates some advance features to compete with high-end models.


VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV ReviewThings we like about the VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO M551d features a 55-inch LED display with 3D theatre and offers a 240Hz refresh rate at Full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It comes with free 3D glasses and includes Internet access, smart apps and a Wi-Fi remote controller.


Things we did not like about the VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV

The VIZIO M551d is a high end TV offering advanced features however it lacks support for hardware and firmware updates in the future.



The VIZIO M-Series 3D LED SmartTVs is not yet available however it is expected to come with a one-year standard limited manufacturer warranty.


Is The VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV Worth The Money?

The VIZIO M551d is a high definition 3D TV with slim design and boasts some of the most modern features. At a price of $1199.99, consumers really can’t go wrong purchasing this quality product with a  55 inch LED-LCD display.


Where Can I Buy The VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV?

The VIZIO M551d is expected to be available at most major retail outlets, including Walmart, Best Buy and Target amongst many others.


More Customer Reviews For The VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TV

Since its exhibition at CES 2013, the VIZIO M-series Razor TVs have all received quite strong feedback from consumers and the M551d is no exception as consumers have already been expressing great interest in purchasing this model as soon as it hits shelves this year.


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