Toshiba 65L9300U 65 Ultra HD 4K LED TVToshiba made a very impressive entry in the CES 2013 with its eye popping and show stopping products including a L9300 flagship series offering three Ultra HDTV models with 4K resolution while being 3D ready. This 65L9300U TV has been designed with a modern appearance while staying true to Toshiba’s traditional look. The thin bezels on the sides panel are less than an inch wide, having a prominent grey color strip at bottom and a simple yet elegant stand with metallic finish.

This 65-inch flat panel screen delivers up to 4 times 1080p resolution and performs high rapid upscale with its CEVO 4K quad+dual core processor, which the company claims to be specially designed for the 4K UHD TV line. It offers a 240Hz refresh rate with ClearScan technology that ensures viewers get smooth and clear fast motion videos. The 3D playback of the 65L9300 model is highly effective and performs cinema like 2D to 3D rendering, while its Dynamic picture mode delivers stunning results with its powerful graphics processor.

Unlike ordinary Smart TV platforms, the Toshiba has introduced Cloud TV functionality to achieve a more user friendly and personalized viewing experience. It includes advanced features like Family calendar, Personal messaging, Media guide, Photo album, Miracast, WiDi and much more. Toshiba plans to release a universal device app for integration of portable devices with support for all major platforms. It includes built-in Wi-Fi for direct streaming of online movies and favorite shows with optimized video output.


How Much?

The average price of the Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV has not yet been announced, yet we will make sure to update this article as soon as such pricing becomes available.


Who Would Buy This Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV?

The 65L9300 is a luxury item and is a perfect choice for those consumers who want more than a traditional HDTV. It’s an ideal gift for TV enthusiasts and hardcore gamers that want a 3D LED with enhanced output at higher frames with a faster processing engine.


Toshiba 65L9300U 65 Ultra HD 4K LED TV ReviewThings we like about the Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV

The 65-inch display of this TV features 4K resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate, advance 3D rendering and dynamic picture mode and delivers the ultimate in quality pictures. It’s powered by CEVO 4K quad+dual core processor and is based on the Cloud TV platform.


Things we did not like about the Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV

The L9300 series seems to display a bit of over saturation in its colors when it comes to brightness and has some uniformity issue, which are common amongst LED-LCDs.



The 65L9300UUltra HD TV series will come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from Toshiba.


Is The Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV Worth The Money?

Although Toshiba has not yet made available the price for this model, Toshiba will likely be offering this product at a competitive price as compared to other UHD models, making it a value buy.


Where Can I Buy The Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV?

The company plans to release this new product series during the first half of the current year and will be readily available at all major electronics stores both online and offline.


More Customer Reviews For The Toshiba 65L9300U 65″ Ultra HD 4K LED TV

The L9300 series is a luxury product from Toshiba that will likely dominate the 4K Ultra HD TV market with its high-end. Consumers have greatly appreciated Toshiba’s past contributions to the HDTV market and this product will likely be no exception, as their model is slated to have better functionality over its rivals.


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