Third Generation Apple iPad

The third generation Apple iPad is equipped with the Apple iOS 5, a dual core 1GHz A5X processor with quad-core graphics for high resolution graphics performance, a flash memory size of 16 GB and it is Wi-Fi ready. The large 9.5 inch retina display features an outstanding 2048 x 1536 pixels or 264 pixels per inch. The 5-megapixel rear-facing iSight camera is perfect for FaceTime and still photos but it also records 1080p HD videos. It also includes such other features as: an upgraded battery with an average life of 10 hours, EDR ports, a 30-pin docking port and it supports Bluetooth 4.0. The built in applications for the iPad include such favorites as: FaceTime, Safari, Newsstand, iTunes, Game Center, YouTube, Photo Booth and the App Store.



How Much?


The average list price for the Third Generation Apple iPad is in the price range of $500 to $525 dollars.



Who Would Buy This?


This iPad might include the latest upgrades and features available but it is still the most user-friendly and affordable tablet on the market. We believe that makes this third generation Apple iPad a very sound investment.



Third Generation Apple iPad ReviewsThings we like about the Third Generation Apple iPad


One of the most impressive features with the Third Generation iPad is the cameras. The rear facing camera has being upgraded and this 5 megapixel camera is now capable of doing full 1080p HD videos. The front facing camera is still perfect for FaceTime communication.



Things we did not like about the Third Generation Apple iPad


It seems that with any new advancement in technology there is always a drawback. The Third Generation Apple iPad is equipped with a larger battery pack than the previous generations. Because of this the iPad has the tendency to become hot after it has been used for extended periods of time.





This Third Generation Apple iPad comes with a limited one year warranty. There is an additional “drop and spill” warranty that is available from Apple.



Is The Third Generation Apple iPad Worth The Money?


Apple is known for their cutting edge technology and this iPad is no exception with the new retina display, quad-core graphics and it is 4G LTE capable. All of these upgrades make the Third Generation Apple iPad a worthy investment.



Where Can I Buy The Third Generation Apple iPad?


The Third Generation iPad can be purchased wherever computers are sold. It is also available at a discounted price on and it is eligible for free shipping for additional savings.



More Customer Reviews For The Third Generation Apple iPad


Besides the overall performance of the Third Generation Apple iPad, customers really appreciated the extra features that are included such as: speech to text with Siri, the Safari Web-browsing app and the landscape mode for reading emails.

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