The Apple TV (model MD199LLAThe newest version of the Apple TV features an upgraded resolution of 1080p from the previous versions which featured 720p for outstanding HD picture quality. Through the ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking you can watch movies, TV shows and videos on any HDTV for the ultimate viewing experience. The AirPlay feature allows the user to stream videos, movies or games from any iOS device and photos, videos, movies or TV shows can be streamed from any PC. With AirPlay mirroring you can easily display what is on your iPad or iPhone 4S. The iCloud feature gives you immediate access to all of you iTune purchases and streams them directly onto your TV. This device also allows you to stream from the huge Netflix catalog of movies and TV shows; watch live and archived MLB, NBA, and NHL games in HD; buy commercial-free HD TV shows and buy (or rent) HD movies. It comes complete with a multifunction remote control to link all of your Apple devices together.



How Much?


The average list price for this third generation Apple TV is $99 dollars.



Who Would Buy This?


This Apple TV is the latest Apple product in what is commonly known as the “Apple ecosystem” and is the perfect addition for the “Apple” collector. It is also a great entry level device for anyone that wants to stream movies, music or web content directly to their TV.



Things we like about the Apple TV


Two of the best features of the Apple TV are the iCloud and AirPlay services. By using iCloud you can purchase movies and shows on the Apple TV and watch them on any other Apple device. With the AirPlay feature you can also stream any music, movies or videos from your Apple devices to your HDTV.



Things we did not like about the newest version of the Apple TV


Although there are plenty of options on the Apple TV for listening to music or watching movies, there is a limited amount of channels available. The Apple TV does not feature services such as Hulu+ or Crackle and it is not compatible with Amazon content.


 The Apple TV (model MD199LLA Review



The Apple TV comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of telephone technical support. The AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple TV is also available at an extra cost.



Is The Apple TV Worth The Money?


When compared to its competitors, the Apple TV is very reasonably priced and it includes many features that the other models do not have. We believe that makes the Apple TV a worthy investment.



Where Can I Buy Apple TV?


The Apple TV is available at most electronic stores but the best deal is on When the Apple TV is purchased through Amazon both free shipping and one-day shipping options are both available.



More Customer Reviews For The Apple TV


Customers were highly impressed with how effortless it was to set up the Apple TV with an easy to use interface and Wi-Fi connection. Reviewers also appreciated that the Apple TV will even stream previously purchased music and movie downloads.

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