VIZIO E221VA 22 CLASS RAZOR LED TV ReviewThe VIZIO E221VA 22-inch LED-LCD HDTV is an ideal choice for mainstream buyers and budget conscious individuals, while offering state of the art features at a low price. It features Razor LED with full HD 1080p output for brilliant color and a superb contrast ratio packaged in a sleek design. Its razor thin design is an ultimate combination of beauty and technology with a light ambient sensor that fully controls picture balance while its edge-lit technology delivers deeper blacks and more brightness than ordinary LEDs.

Its full HD 1920×1080 can deliver up to 16.7 million colors at a 60Hz refresh rate, making picture quality very sharp and offers a 170/160 degree wide viewing angle. Its digital photo viewing facility opens a new avenue of fun and entertainment in which users can enjoy slide shows of precious photos using a USB drive. It has a built-in 2x3W pair of SRS TruSurround HD and SRS TruVolume to deliver an immersive high definition sound experience meanwhile it removes any need to use extra speakers. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO XVT701d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TVThe XVT701d is the largest model of VIZIO’s extreme XVT series that offers much more than a Full HDTV. For viewers looking for an ultimate TV with a sizable display and massive 4K resolution for an immersive 3D viewing experience, then the XVT701d is the best option to fulfill those viewing needs. It features a 70-inch display with an ultra slim bezel on the edges of the screen, which give it a sophisticated look while its base and neck incorporates a solid metal construction to deliver a solid look.

With sleek design and a stunning look, it delivers unmatched picture quality and is powered by top of the line hardware to process four times typical 1080p resolution. Its advanced 3D engine performs 2D to 3D rendering in no time at all and its 240Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth and flicker free theatre 3D experience. It comes with battery-free 3D glasses for the whole family that are specifically designed for XVT-series. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO XVT651dVIZIO is a leading HDTV manufacturer that has now shaped the world of LED-LCD with its new ultra high definition series of smart TVs. The company promised to bring this ultimate technology to mainstream consumers and has unveiled the XVT651d UHD model that takes television viewing to a new dimension. It offers the same industrial design as the M-series with a stunning look and ultra sleek flat panel, based on solid metal frame construction.

The XVT651d is an Ultra HDTV with 65-inch flat panel display that offers four times the resolution of Full HD 1920×1080 pixels with Razor LED technology for richer details and extra vivid clarity. VIZIO theatre 3D technology is being introduced in the XVT651d and provides viewers with a real cinema experience. It offers a high 240Hz refresh rate to ensure smooth, uninterrupted streaming for graphics intensive photos and high frame videos. While local dimming from an edge-lit backlight with the full array delivers superior contrast levels. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO XVT551d Ultra HD Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO, has unveiled its new series of HDTVs at the CES 2013 that takes the TV viewing experience to a new level. The XVT551d is an ultra high definition TV that can deliver up to four times the resolution of full high definition 1920×1080. The XVT551d is a 55-inch flat panel display with ultra slim design and a stunning look that will grab the attention of every person in the room. Its Razor LED technology delivers more clarity, sharper colors and optimized picture quality.

The XVT551d ultra HDTV gives viewers a complete home theatre experience and with its powerful hardware they get smoother motion for all types of media. Its fast 3D engine performs 2D to 3D rendering more efficiently without compromising on quality and the 240Hz refresh rate ensures the same performance even at higher resolutions of up to 4K. It features advanced edge-lit technology with ultimate local dimming to adjust the black levels for clearer and sharper pictures.

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VIZIO M701d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO has recently launched its flagship M-series, offering some of the higher end HDTVs on the market today. If you are planning to buy an extra large LED for your TV lounge then you definitely need to look at the VIZIO M701d. The M701d is a 3D HDTV based on LED-LCD technology with a huge 70-inch flat panel screen that is surrounded by ultra thin bezels, which are barely visible and give this HDTV an attractive look. It grabs everyone’s attention and it’s interior metal structure and firm metal stand give it a solid look.

The M701d is a full HDTV, which delivers 1080p resolution with a theatre 3D experience and its passive 3D renders amazing quality graphics. Unlike other TVs, it has a 240Hz refresh rate for faster processing of pixels at higher frames while its edge-lit backlight combined with 16 zone local dimming function, allows viewers to adjust TV brightness and contrast to accommodate varying room environments. Moreover, users can enjoy their favorite 3D games on the big screen with more clarity. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M651d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVThe VIZIO M651d is the high-end model of the flagship M-series that was recently unveiled by this great television maker at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. The M-series offers viewers a better entertainment experience that’s engineered to perfection with a design that gives enhanced picture quality and an ultimate smart TV experience. The M651d has a big-65 inch display that delivers a stunning look with a flat panel display built on interior metal construction giving it a solid look, while its metal stand is ideal to adjust for any viewing angle. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M601d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO’s M-series Razor is a new product line from one of the world’s best TV manufacturers, offering screen sizes from 32 inches to 80 inches. The M601d is a 60-inch ultra slim flat panel LED-LCD TV, which provides an ultimate immersive viewing experience. Its unique design and superior finish enhances the appearance of its surroundings, whilst its interior metal construction makes it lightweight and easily adjusts to any room’s architecture.

The big 60-inch display fits well into any living room or viewing area and is capable of displaying full high definition 3D content at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Unlike other TVs, its passive 3D is backed by a powerful 3D engine that up converts regular media to flicker free 3D content at a much faster rate, while offering a refresh rate of 240Hz for smooth motion. It incorporates advanced local dimming to adjust the black level for optimum brightness and clearer, sharper pictures. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M551d M-Series Razor 3D LED Smart TVVIZIO, known as one of the best HDTV brands in the U.S. has once again taken the lead by revealing some of its most high definition 3D LED TVs at the CES 2013. The M551d is a 55-inch flat panel 3D LED TV based on LCD technology with an ultra slim design and highly advanced features. The new M-series is based on the latest platform that converts TV viewing experience into real 3D cinema entertainment.

Its thin bezels along side of screen are hardly visible and its unique metal stand with shiny finish helps to give it a luxury look. The M551d features passive 3D, which is capable of displaying full HD 1080p resolution and its fast 3D engine up converts media content into high definition 3D fun. The big LED-LCD display incorporates a high 240Hz refresh rate at full resolution and includes advance edge-lit with local dimming that delivers extra bright and sharper pictures. Read the rest of this entry

VIZIO M501d M-Series Razor LED Smart TVVIZIO, once again dominates the HDTV market by revealing a high-end 3D LED-LCD TV. The M501d is a new addition to VIZIO’s M-series product line, featuring cutting edge technology, state of the art design and unmatched quality. The M501d intensifies the TV viewing experience and it’s an ideal gadget for TV enthusiast and high-end gamers. Its signature design adds to the value of any room featuring ultra thin bezel that is barely noticeable and gives it killer look.

The M501d is a 50-inch flat panel LED that offers a 3D display with Full an HD resolution of 1080p for an immersive viewing experience never before seen. It features LED backlit technology with full local dimming option and a high 240Hz refresh rate to deliver uninterrupted fun and entertainment. It has passive 3D and with the HDMI input port viewers can enjoy a high resolution 3D gaming experience on big 50 inch screen. Read the rest of this entry

 VIZIO E241I-A1 24” Razor LED Smart TVVIZIO’s new E-series is a blend of art and technology molded into a slim frame design and sleek profile, making it a masterpiece that intensifies any home entertainment experience. It delivers eye popping picture quality with Razor LED brilliance technology and a wide viewing angle of 178/170 degrees allows viewers to see a clear picture from anywhere in the room. Its slim frame is more space conservative and easily fits into smaller places whilst maximizing the screen viewing area.

It features a 24-inch full HD display that offers 1920×1080 resolution with crystal clear picture and lifelike colors never seen before. It offers 16.7 million colors at a 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. It has built-in speakers with SRS Studiosound HD that delivers ultimate surround sound with deep bass and precise volume levels, meanwhile it eliminates the need for buying extra speakers for the TV. Read the rest of this entry

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