LG 55LA8600 55 inch TVLG 55LA8600 delivers an amazing audio-visual cinematic experience. Did you know that the LG 55LA8600 is a 55 inch TV that delivers impressive sound and picture quality that makes shows and movies come alive? Best of all this LG high definition TV is competitively priced to deliver absolute value to consumers!

LG 55LA8600 is a 55 inch smart high definition television (HDTV) that features a sleek flat panel design. The LG LA55860’s sleek look and design are enhanced with the televisions invisible speakers. Consumers are able to have access to various channels on it in a very impressive way. The sound quality is very high and brings a distinctive clarity to hearing. The resolution of the LG 55LA8600 television is also very crisp and clear delivering vivid images and picture to owners. These features create a complete entertainment experience with stunning sound and picture.

LG’s intuitive and innovative Magic Remote provides users the ability to select their favorite shows and media to watch. It takes only a point and click motion or the use of LG’s unique Voice Mate technology that recognizes natural speaking to change the channel, volume or access premium content providers such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube directly from the LG 55LA8600 TV. This powerful capability enables owners to spend less navigation time in order to gain more time enjoying their favorite shows, movies, sporting events and gaming.

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Samsung UN55F8000 LED HDTVThe UN55F8000 is part of a new series being rolled out by Samsung, offering buyers a more complete multimedia experience. At 55 inches, this sizable model has top of the line hardware, including a quad core 1.35 GHz processor and a 240hz refresh rate. The model features 1080p resolution, which is fast becoming the standard in today’s HDTV market.


Samsung’s new model features an extremely clear-coated screen, which makes for a more vivid viewing experience with colors that really pop out and an increased perception of depth. The quality of 3D viewing is excellent and Samsung has upgraded the comfort of its 3D glasses, making them much lighter. Read the rest of this entry

With a new slimmer design and full 1080p resolution, the new Samsung UN46F8000, along with the entire product line of the new F8000 series is set to take the HDTV market by storm. This new model features a 240hz refresh rate and 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as built-in Wi-Fi, making the unit fully internet-ready. This will allow users to take advantage of multimedia websites with streaming videos and movies such as Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, to name a few.


The UN46F8000 features some new and exciting features that Samsung will be rolling out with the new series, including the latest version of its Smart Interaction technology, which includes voice interactivity and an exciting gesture control feature. Both of these features work together seamlessly to make the user experience far more engaging than with previous Samsung models. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN65F8000 Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV is the newest model television that has replaced its earlier predecessor, the UN65ES8000. This TV is equipped with full 1080p HD resolution for stunning picture quality, an impressive 240hz refresh rate, a new sleek design that features a slimmer frame and the addition of many different add-ons brought to consumers by Samsung and their industry leading research and development team. The Samsung UN65F8000 offers consumers many benefits.

The inclusion of a quad-core processor in this television gives it more power to help this new model deliver and provide consumers with improved Smart Interaction technology that includes voice and gesture controls. The Samsung UN65F8000 is an impressive TV featuring technologies that the company has worked to improve since the previous year. This new model can recognize full sentences in English and is no longer limited to simple or basic two word commands. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV ReviewThe new Samsung KNF559500 is the king of the HDTV world with some of the most highly advanced picture technology to ever be used in TV. Unlike other LCD and LED technology that uses traditional RGB to form colors, the KNF559500 is based on true OLED technology that uses electricity to pass through certain materials for making true colors. OLED TVs are lighter, thinner and better in performance then traditional LED TVs.


The KNF559500 was launched on CES 2013 by Samsung electronics as its first real OLED TV, equipped with a number of new and exciting features along with its unmatched picture quality. Samsung added two picture-processing features to KNF559500 that deliver killer picture quality like you’ve never seen before. It has a 55-inch flat panel screen that is ideal for Home theaters and TV lounges and you can enjoy crisper and sharper pictures as compared to previous models. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV ReviewThe UN55F7000 is a 3D LED with a 55-inch HD screen that can display full 1080p content without breaking pixels. The UN55F7000 is part of a new generation of HDTVs that not only display content at higher resolutions but also up convert regular media into HD without any delay whatsoever. Its slim look delivers stunning picture quality and its edge-lit backlighting with smart-dimming technology adjusts your screen brightness according to the room environment.

This model is powered by a multi-core Samsung A15 chip for faster graphics than ever before and makes it the first choice for hardcore gamers who are looking to enjoy peak performance in their gaming experience. The UN55F7000 has precision black technology to enhance crisp quality picture to the single pixel and its high refresh rate of nearly 200 Hz and a CMR of around 800 make the viewing experience extremely seamless. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN60F7000 LED HDTVThe UN60F7000 is a soon to be released 3D LED from the Samsung F7000 series, which offers premium features to the discerning HDTV enthusiast. Samsung has specially designed the F7000 series to compete with the most stylish and attractive looking LEDs in the world and no doubt the full metal finish and aluminum body with just 0.6mm thin bezel makes it attractive enough to turn heads.

The UN60F7000 has a 60-inch 3D flat panel display with precision black technology allowing viewers to customize the black level. It has Samsung’s own A15 multi core chip with a refresh rate of 200 Hz and around 800 CMR, giving it the ultimate hardware setup in today’s HDTV market. It offers high-speed video up-scaling and 2D to 3D formation in no time and offers 1080p full resolution display without compromising on quality. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN75F8000 LED HDTV reviewThe UN75F8000 is the newest and largest model of the new Samsung F8000 series, which features a whole new lineup of exciting features in addition to hardware that sports 1080p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate. Samsung has also upgraded all of these models from dual core to quad core processors, ensuring that all of the new apps and advanced interactive technology runs extremely smoothly.


The new slimmer design is drawing a lot of attention, as is the improved image quality, which comes across clearer than ever with the ultra thin screen coating. Samsung has also finally opted for micro-dimming technology, which adds color depth especially for the blacks and darker colors. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV ReviewSamsung unveiled one of the world’s top LED HDTVs at CES-2013, touching new heights of technology. The UN85S9000 is a new high end HDTV that uses the most advance flat panel technology currently available on the market, having an 85-inch ultra high definition (UHD) flat panel screen. According to Samsung, it’s one of the world’s largest UHD displays with 4K resolution technology that can display crystal clear picture quality up to four times the pixels of ordinary 1080p HDTV.

Samsung’s UN85S9000 is part of the S9 LED-LCD series that uses LED backlit technology with a full array and dimming option. Its ultra bright screen is capable of displaying 3840×2160px resolution without compromising picture quality and makes your viewing experience more vivid and super realistic. The dimming option allows user to set the brightness to their taste with custom contrast and black level options. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 23L2300U 23 LED TVToshiba is well known for its durable and long lasting products, and has now come up with a new line of LED TVs for mainstream buyers. The L2300 series has been warmly welcomed by consumers at the CES 2013 and comes in 23- to 50-inch sizes. The smallest model, the 23L2300, features a 23-inch LED display has a sleek design and catchy look. Its color scheme is almost identical to its high-end models and features glossy black bezels and a wider metal strip at the bottom of its panel with a solid metal stand that enhances the overall look and feel of the TV. 

This 23-inch flat panel TV is based on LED-LCD technology and delivers high quality picture with LED backlight. It offers HD resolution with a ClearScan refresh rate and DynaLight technology automatically adjusts the intensity of light output. This TV incorporates some high-end features including a Dynamic picture mode that lets users adjust brightness & contrast ratios, while its gaming mode uses special settings to reduce controller delay and is an ideal choice to use as a monitor screen. Read the rest of this entry

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