Toshiba 84L9300U 84 Ultra HD 4K LED TV ReviewToshiba once again dominated the CES 2013 by introducing a mega 84-inch Ultra HD 3D LED TV. The 84L9300 TV proved to be a blockbuster for the company and a point of attraction for the public at CES by offering 4x1080p resolution with advanced 3D capabilities and Cloud TV functionality. The slim frame of the TV is outlined with a gun-metallic finish and a gray color strip at bottom of the front panel and is supported by two pillars attached to a hollowed out square stand, giving it a sophisticated look.

For ultimate performance, Toshiba has powered this TV with a dedicated CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor that provides four times 1080p resolution with a 240Hz ClearScan refresh rate. It converts and upscales 2D to 3D at a faster pace and offers viewers a cinema-like 3D experience. Its CQ Engine maximizes picture quality and includes Edge Enhancer, Color Master, Gamma mode, Expert mode and many more picture settings for an ultimate viewing experience. The Color and Depth Adaptive Resolution+ is another great feature that brings more realism when the color saturation is enabled. Read the rest of this entry