Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFiSony PlayStation Vita is an innovative gaming device with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. It is a very handy device for portable gaming and people on the move. It’s innovative and abundant features and fun games make it a standout gaming system.

Imagine a PlayStation that enables you view live scores, who is playing in the vicinity or how gifting feature enables you discover where items like weapons, treasures and power ups are located. That is the all new Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFi complete with 3G connectivity. It lets you change the way you play and where you play. The gaming console has a front and rear camera to give the opportunity to imagine yourself in the game itself. It also has a motion sensor enabling you to enjoy the game to the fullest; tilting and steering your system as never before.

A stunning 5 inch OLED screen gives you the multi touch experience by a simple touch with your fingers to control the action and navigation. With an integrated GPS you can easily locate your friends who are playing and social network at the same time. Enjoy cross play by starting a game on your older Sony PlayStation 3 and continue on the Sony Vita or simply joining your friends in multiplayer games. With an impressive 16 million colors on the 5 inch OLED screen you will not miss an inch of true colors.

How Much Does the Sony PlayStation Vita Cost?

At approximately $300 US Dollars you can enjoy playing your favorite games with this portable gaming device and gadget. It is priced competitively compared to similar models by other brands.

Who Would Buy The Sony PlayStation Vita?

This is a product for anyone that loves gaming and those who not only want to enjoy playing the game but also being part of the game due to its immersive experience. The rich colors and excellent sound quality heighten the gaming experience to another level. The Sony PlayStation Vita is fantastic for people on the go including kids and students.

Positive Aspects and Benefits of the Sony PlayStation Vita

  • 3G internet connectivity allows you to watch real time scores, mingle with other players, locate friends and socialize on the social network
  • OLED screen with 16 million colors gives you the true picture
  • Front and rear cameras allows you to be part of the game you are playing
  • For a faster playing experience, the Sony PlayStation Vita has a processor, ARM Cortex 4 core
  • Ability to play older titles like PSP, Minis, PS one classics, video and comics

Some Critiques of the Sony PlayStation Vita

  • The battery life may be shorter than some consumers desire through extended game play
  • Minor issues have been noted by some consumers with the remote play and media support
  • No freebies come with the Sony PlayStation Vita, only bare essentials in the box

Sony PlayStation Vita Guarantee

The warranty period like many other manufacturers is a standard one year term. Sony warranties that the gadget will be free from defects in construction material and workmanship. If any of the above defects are found then the gadget will be replaced or repaired. The warranty only covers to the original purchaser. Consumers may want to check with their retailer or third parties for extended warranty options.

Is The Sony PlayStation Vita Worth The Money?

The Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFi is considered to be an excellent gaming device due to its features and capabilities.

Availability of the Sony PlayStation Vita

This electronics gadget is available through online stores and Sony online stores and appointed distributors. It is a very popular device and can be found in most major offline and online retail outlets. Consumers should look for special deals and bargains for the Sony PlayStation Vita.

Customer Reviews for the Sony PlayStation Vita

The Sony PlayStation Vita is highly rated in most consumer reviews. Below is a list of features and benefits that are highlighted by owners.

  • The PlayStation is made of high quality, has many features and never disappoints
  • It is an amazing multimedia device full of exciting features and is really value for the money
  • It is beautifully designed and powerful with a quad core processor that is super fast

Final Thoughts on the Sony PlayStation Vita

The Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFi is an incredible portable gaming device that will provide many hours of game play entertainment. If you are looking for a gaming experience that you will never forget then the Sony PlayStation Vita is a top consideration. The supercharged Vita will impress with its powerful quad core processor and sensor motion. Play all your new and old titles seamlessly with this Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFi and keep on enjoying gaming to the fullest and live a true game play experience.

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