Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A 65 Inch TV
Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A is one of the newest and most innovative televisions coming to market and is being highly rated by electronic enthusiasts and media. Consumers that are looking for a new television may want to consider the new and innovative Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A. The Sony BRAVIA TV series itself is a well respected and known television that is made by the Japanese company Sony with good, high-tech, power-saving and eco-friendly technology. Although some consumers find the Sony BRAVIA more expensive than other brands the features are quite luxurious and generally offer more value through innovation and vivid picture quality. Consumers must ask themselves if a cinema-like experience is desired over simply just having a standard television set.

Sony has always been at the forefront of technology in manufacturing and bringing to market superior TVs with innovation and in demand consumer features. Sony is the first company to introduce a television with motion processing and sells units in LED Backlit LCD TV. The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A is an innovative television set offering consumers high quality, many features and a cinematic viewing experience.

The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A 4K LED TV is a 65 inch flat panel designed to provide an impressive home entertainment experience with top picture quality and stunning sound that creates immersive viewing. The television features many technology advancements including the 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine, TRILUMINOS Display, integrated Quantum Dot (QD) vision color IQ and more. The wide color gamut achieved and provided by the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A delivers vivid picture quality with heightened depth perception. The magnetic fluid speakers provide an attractive and sleek aesthetic look and powerful sound to heighten the home entertainment experience.

Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A Positive Aspects

Some consumers are surprised and pleased that Google TV is included in Sony BRAVIA TV. Google TV is the forerunner of Smart TV technology which integrates with a web browser. To run a web browser feature consumers need to use a virtual keyboard on the screen and a remote control that functions as a mouse. Google TV can be operated and run by remote control keypad freeing the need for consumers to walk closely to the television screen to operate it. The Sony BRAVIA series is about delivering luxury and providing a relaxing cinematic movie and viewing experience for consumers.

Home Theater Entertainment System Cinematic ViewingMany consumers and electronic enthusiasts recommend the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A with many reasons including the wide array of benefits it offers. A first priority and concern for most consumers it the quality of picture and images. Sony has published and released a lot of samples that demonstrate content with native 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) ranging from football games to natural landscapes images, movies and still digital images. In all cases the final result of the image is that they not only looked spectacular but they appeared superior to similar models and makes of other brands in the marketplace. Many consumers, media and electronic enthusiasts highly rate the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A mainly due to the extremely colorful objects that appear on the screen such as flowers with the help of new technology named TRILUMINOS which contains new filters for RGB backlight system. This TRILUMINOS is an innovative technology that makes colors pop and come alive on the screen. Sony has plans to implement their TRILUMINOS display technology in other electronics that they offer including the next generation Xperia Smartphone and their cameras such as Cyber-Shot models.

Using Edge LED backlight technology the appearance and design of Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A is coming in much thinner and lighter when compared to conventional television and some of the other flat panel TVs on the market. Typically used for small to medium sized computer monitors, Sony has adapted a new type of backlighting for this television and it is sure to impress even the harshest electronics and technology critics. The result is that there is a more efficient light transmission process and lower power consumption without any compromise to the picture quality. Powered by an image processor that is using an algorithm that is specially developed by Sony the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A can reproduce very clear and exceptionally vivid colors on the screen. When it comes to a cinematic viewing experience color plays a major role and is important.

In addition objects and background on the screen of this television appears with realistic details and infinitely insightful color and amazing texture that is associated with the screen. Sony has improved the image scaling with X-Reality Pro technology. In fact some of the developers of Sony stated that the Blu-ray sources are using 4k resolution therefore consumers are able to scale images on the screen of the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A with extremely accurate results. There is a very attractive, sleek and gorgeous black gloss finish screen frame with the new smooth magnetic speakers for optimal sound located on either side of the television. This is a television that impresses both in performance and appearance. This design aims to further provide an optimal power level and sound clarity without the need for speakers to be placed deep into the frame, as is typically done. In combination with a couple of audio woofers on the rear panel consumers are able to enjoy all the splendor of the smooth magnetic speakers that deliver probably the most perfect sound quality offered by a television in the market today.

The one touch and seamless connectivity to mobile devices offered by the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A makes it flexible and provides more functionality and abilities to consumers. Mobile devices including the Xperia smart phone can be connected to the television to share or mirror photos, videos and other apps with vivid color and detail. The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A is Wi-Fi enabled and a Smart TV offering a wide range of internet connected services that can be easily accessed and used.

The price is to be announced and the release date is to be in spring / summer of 2013.

Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A Additional Highlights

  • 3D TV
  • LED-LCD Display
  • 2D with passive 3D
  • 65-inch diagonal screen
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Ultra high-definition TV
  • Four times the resolution of Full HD (3840 x 2160 pixels resolution)
  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • IDTV
  • Smart TV
  • Onboard multimedia playback
  • Surround sound effects
  • S-Force Front Surround 3D

Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A Negative Aspects

Some critics and homeowners may critique the price of this television; however, when compared to the features, quality and value the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A delivers to consumers any additional expense seams balanced. Often quality comes with an additional price and makes electronics investments rather than disposable goods. It is reasonable for consumers to believe that the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A will last and provide many years of cinema-like viewing with realistic, vivid and life-like images.


Why the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A?

There are many advantages provided to consumers through the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A. If compared against other television makes and models offered by other brands in terms of the price then the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A may be a more expensive option but it delivers high quality and is generally superior compared to its competitors. The Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A delivers innovation and is a top rated television that should win over many consumers and become the focal point of any home theater system. Sony describes the Sony BRAVIA KD-65X9000A in some of their press releases as the best ever picture and sound quality to provide consumers with an immersive viewing experience.

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