Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera ReviewThe Samsung VG-STC3000 is an all-in-one camera and makes a great companion to any modern HDTV. It is specially designed to fit all TV models and offers a dual hinge design to bend the camera in any direction to take HD photos from any angle. It is very slim and most parts of the camera remain behind the TV to give it a minimalist look that not only enhances the beauty of your TV but gives it enhanced functionality.

The VG-STC3000 is full HD ready and it includes an audio recorder that enables you to video chat with official support for Skype and it is ideal for HD video recording. Other features of this camera include enhanced digital Zoom, fixed focus and it includes a unique lens cover to maintain privacy when necessary. It is the first camera to support face recognition, motion sensor, content selection and many other functions all in on.

Beside all of these appealing features, it is powered by a single USB cable, which is included with camera to avoid the hassle and mess of multiple cables. It also allows you to play games and supports a number of software and apps including the Smart TV fitness app and can even act as a virtual mirror. It has built-in memory based on an advanced chipset by Samsung. It includes a variety of sensors that not only makes your life easier but can turn your TV into an even more modern machine.


How Much?

The average price of the Samsung VG-STC3000 is only $99.99, which includes a USB cable and CD manual.


Who Would Buy This Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera?

No doubt, everyone with an HDTV that doesn’t already have a camera is going to want to buy the VG-STC3000 TV camera. Given the increased functionality it provides, most people wont think twice spending $99.99 for this useful gadget.



Samsung VG-STC3000 TV CameraThings we like about the Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera

The Samsung VG-STC3000 is an ultimate camera and it includes such advanced features that one could only dream of in such a small and compact device. It has a motion sensor, face detection, support for Skype and many exciting features like support for multiple apps, video and much more.


Things we did not like about the Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera

The VG-STC3000 includes many advanced features, however it lacks multiple color and design options.



The Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera comes with a standard limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Is The Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera Worth The Money?

The VG-STC3000 is certainly worth the cheap price tag as you are getting so many exciting features for only $99.99.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera?

It is expected that The VG-STC3000 will be available in stores such as Best Buy and Target once it is made officially available to the public.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung VG-STC3000 TV Camera

So far customers have provided a lot of positive feedback for the VG-STC3000 TV camera and many consumer electronics enthusiasts have expressed a keen interest in its release date.

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