Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV ReviewSamsung unveiled one of the world’s top LED HDTVs at CES-2013, touching new heights of technology. The UN85S9000 is a new high end HDTV that uses the most advance flat panel technology currently available on the market, having an 85-inch ultra high definition (UHD) flat panel screen. According to Samsung, it’s one of the world’s largest UHD displays with 4K resolution technology that can display crystal clear picture quality up to four times the pixels of ordinary 1080p HDTV.

Samsung’s UN85S9000 is part of the S9 LED-LCD series that uses LED backlit technology with a full array and dimming option. Its ultra bright screen is capable of displaying 3840×2160px resolution without compromising picture quality and makes your viewing experience more vivid and super realistic. The dimming option allows user to set the brightness to their taste with custom contrast and black level options.

Samsung has powered this machine with top of the line hardware to deliver an uninterrupted and seamless viewing experience, including a quad core processor based on the A15 chip and having the frequency of 1.35 GHz that is ideal for up converting of videos to 4K resolution while maintaining the same picture quality.

The UN85S9000 is based on a Smart TV platform that allows viewers to interact with a number of apps with Wi-Fi connectivity and features a camera for using Skype. Samsung maintained an impeccable level of audio quality along with picture quality. The unit has 2.2 channel speakers with enhanced sound quality and a 120W amplifier with dual boosters. The UN85S9 LED TV comes with a touch-pad remote controller and has a built-in microphone for noisier environments. The S-recommendation engine is also a nice feature that suggests related media and content to viewers at the bottom of their screens.


How Much?

The average price for the Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV is going to run approximately $3,500 or above.


Who Would Buy This Samsung UN85S9000LED HDTV?

With a price tag of $3,500, this Samsung UN85S9000 HDTV does not fit every budget yet is the ideal solution to display amazing quality viewing in a large TV lounge or big hotel/restaurant. Customers will no doubt be impressed seeing this in a place of business. No doubt, this HDTV uses state of the art technology and delivers unmatched picture quality to TV enthusiasts that love to play HD games on their big screens and is ideal for HD movie streaming, photos, enhanced multimedia access and everything else you could ever need. If you have no budget limit then there is no better choice than Samsung’s UN85S9000 LED HDTV.


Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTVThings we like about the Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV

The Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV is one of a kind with a unique design that enhances its personality, giving it an optimal look. Samsung calls this their “timeless” look and the overall design is so slim that the screen image looks like it must be hiding a deeper frame due to the increased appearance of depth in viewing. You can easily adjust your screen brightness up and down while adjusting your viewing angle.


Samsung has built their new model on one of the most advanced software platforms with great flexibility in using multiple apps. This is more than a Smart TV, as the increased connectivity to the outer world and ability to browser media like streaming video, photos, Wi-Fi connectivity, and touch-pad controller with microphone that allows you to speak to your TV put this in a class of its own. It features HDMI input, the S-Recommendation engine and Smart Hub software to access multimedia content.


Things we did not like about the Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV


The UN85S9000 LED HDTV is capable of displaying 4K resolution, which is indeed a great feature, however such hi-res content is not currently available. We have tested many HD games however there is not much improvement in picture quality. While ordinary UHD TV also enhances picture quality to some extent, we do not think it’s much of a selling feature.



As the Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV is not readily available in the market, we can only assume this model will come with a standard 1-year limited manufacturer warranty included.


Is The Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV Worth The Money?

Samsung’s state of the art LED TV is definitely worth the asking price, with premium features that make it more like computer with a gigantic hi-res screen than a television. It allows user to view high definition content and to connect to streaming content on the Internet all with a click of a button.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV?

The UN85S9000 LED HDTV is expected to launch within a month and its booking has already started by major online stores and online electronics retailers.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung UN85S9000 LED HDTV

As Samsung announced its world’s biggest HDTV at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2013, it is already being highly regarded by the public. TV enthusiasts given a warm welcome to the Samsung UN85S9000 HDTV for its innovative technology and many retailers are already booking orders to carry this product line before its official launch.


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