Samsung UN65F8000 Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV is the newest model television that has replaced its earlier predecessor, the UN65ES8000. This TV is equipped with full 1080p HD resolution for stunning picture quality, an impressive 240hz refresh rate, a new sleek design that features a slimmer frame and the addition of many different add-ons brought to consumers by Samsung and their industry leading research and development team. The Samsung UN65F8000 offers consumers many benefits.

The inclusion of a quad-core processor in this television gives it more power to help this new model deliver and provide consumers with improved Smart Interaction technology that includes voice and gesture controls. The Samsung UN65F8000 is an impressive TV featuring technologies that the company has worked to improve since the previous year. This new model can recognize full sentences in English and is no longer limited to simple or basic two word commands.

Samsung has additionally introduced micro-dimming technologies. This innovative technology enables the UN65F8000 HDTV to determine areas in the picture or image (depending on displayed content) to dim in order to provide richer and darker blacks on display screen. 3D picture and images will view more realistic, life-like, and brighter on the Samsung UN65F8000 and the improvements to the 2D to 3D conversion have been significant.

An impressive new line up of Samsung specific software and apps are featured with Samsung’s 2013 Smart Hub technologies. The Samsung UN65F8000 may appear to be more of a multimedia center and home entertainment system that heightens the owner experience by providing flexibility. The televisions flexibility is demonstrated through the five unique user experience panels including movies, recommendations, social media, musical video clips and photos. Owners can quickly and effortlessly toggle between the various panels to access their desired options with only a simple swipe movement on the new remote control. The Samsung UN65F8000 is an easy to operate and powerful high definition smart television.

Samsung UN65F8000 Price

It is estimated that the cost of this television will be approximately in the higher $3,000 range. The general public and many consumers are eagerly waiting for a final price for the Samsung UN65F8000 to be released.

Samsung UN65F8000 Consumer Market

This sleek flat panel 65-inch smart television that includes many high-end and innovative features is an ideal choice for most consumers that desire more media options and want extended functionality beyond watching movies, shows, and sporting events. The UN65F8000 is loaded with multi-media and smart TV features including Wi-Fi that is built-in and makes the television internet ready. Owners can view media that is streaming from the internet on this 65-inch full HD 1080p resolution screen. These features should appeal to most demographics and are family oriented. Samsung is focused on creating a rich family experience through its software and apps. The sleek and light-weight design of this television makes it fit nicely and look stunning in any home or office area.

Samsung UN65F8000 LED HDTV Feature Highlight

The viewing experience is optimized through the S-Recommendation feature. Owners can receive automatic suggestions by this software at the bottom of the televisions screen in small thumb-nails for other TV shows, movies, sporting events, and other media related to the content being viewed. This feature enables owners to be informed of similar content of interest to avoid missing great content.

Another aspect of the Samsung UN65F8000 that many media enthusiasts praise is the improved voice interaction technology. This functionality offers consumers increased convenience because being in a position to talk to a TV as if talking to another person using full sentences is a significant innovation in comparison to earlier models with limited voice interactivity.

Samsung UN65F8000 Negative Aspects

Some critics may critique the quality of backlighting offered in the Samsung UN65F8000 television. Samsung opted for edge-lit backlighting technology that some consumers at times find provides a less even dimming experience. Other technologies may offer a more even dimming experience. This product comparison can be more of a personal preference for many consumers.

Samsung UN65F8000 Guarantee

The Samsung UN65F8000 is backed by and includes a standard one year manufacturer warrantee and may come with a 30-day money back guarantee (minus a 15% restocking fee) depending on where and how the television is purchased. Consumers are encouraged to review the warrantee and money back guarantee from the store or online merchant selling the television. The Samsung UN65F8000 availability may be limited and online shopping may provide more options and stores for consideration.

Samsung UN65F8000 Consumer Value Review

Many consumers wonder if this smart high definition television is worth the money but like most tech gadgets it comes down to the features that are valued most and how they enhance lifestyles. The Samsung UN65F8000 is innovative and provides consumers with many high-end and unique features that are not included in some comparable models in the marketplace. The manufacturer is reputable and established as a market and industry leader providing consumers some assurance over their warrantee and their television. It is likely that Samsung will continue to update and improve their software for the UN65F8000 with more lifestyle enhancing and quality features. This television is a high quality TV with many media features, stunning picture, and a cinematic viewing experience making it a top choice for most consumers.

Samsung UN65F8000 Review

Samsung UN65F8000 Availability

The UN65F8000 will be available at most popular brick and mortar stores including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. It will also be available through popular click-and-mortar stores including online shops like Amazon and major technology merchants and electronics stores. It is advisable that consumers shop for a good deal and the best price, generally being found online.

Samsung UN65F8000 Additional Reviews

Some product testers have suggested that the crystal clear picture quality and the vivid hues make this smart high definition television a first class viewing experience. Many enthusiasts are impressed and excited about the future technology being offered with Samsung. Samsung has taken market innovation and modeled a majority of the current user interface off smartphones and mobile devices creating and delivering an extremely intuitive user interface. Samsung is nevertheless planning on making continuous modifications to the current apps and software. Consumers using Samsung’s shopping software will be in position to purchase items directly through their televisions, thus, increasing the lifestyle changing and convenience this smart TV provides. The reviews tend to be positive due to the enhanced user interface (UI) and owner centric qualities that have shown that Samsung values the viewing experience it provides to customers parallel to and if not greater than other market brands. The Samsung UN65F8000, loaded with features and offering high quality picture, makes an exceptional value proposition to consumers that demand an innovative and powerful television that offers many capabilities and convenience.

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