Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV ReviewThe UN55F7000 is a 3D LED with a 55-inch HD screen that can display full 1080p content without breaking pixels. The UN55F7000 is part of a new generation of HDTVs that not only display content at higher resolutions but also up convert regular media into HD without any delay whatsoever. Its slim look delivers stunning picture quality and its edge-lit backlighting with smart-dimming technology adjusts your screen brightness according to the room environment.

This model is powered by a multi-core Samsung A15 chip for faster graphics than ever before and makes it the first choice for hardcore gamers who are looking to enjoy peak performance in their gaming experience. The UN55F7000 has precision black technology to enhance crisp quality picture to the single pixel and its high refresh rate of nearly 200 Hz and a CMR of around 800 make the viewing experience extremely seamless.

With strong hardware and multi-core processing, it offers Samsung’s most recent version of the Smart TV platform, which is entitled to all upcoming updates in 2014. The patented Smart Kit Upgrade not only updates your software but also upgrades your hardware components. With Internet connectivity, the user can stream directly to your favorite multimedia content at higher speeds.



How Much?

The average price for the Samsung UN55F7000 has not been announced yet, however the model price should be available in the coming months


Who Would Buy This Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV?

The UN55F7000 is part of a new series of premium HDTVs and it is expected to be available with a reasonable price tag, however its features are much more advanced than other TVs currently on the market, providing users with full Internet connectivity and an unprecedented array of apps and software. With future upgrades available for free from Samsung, you don’t have to buy another 3D LED TV as you only need to upgrade your current software.


Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTVThings we like about the Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV

The UN55F7000 has features that make it a clear choice amongst other competing brands, with an ultra slim design and 55-inch HD screen capable of up converting regular media to High definition quality. The S-recommendation engine is ideal for people who aren’t sure what to watch as it reminds them of their favorite content and TV viewing history.


Things we did not like about the Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV

The UN55F7000 has an impressive array of features yet lacks a camera for video chat and voice recognition functionality.



The Samsung UN55F7000 has not officially launched, however expect this model to come with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty that comes standard with most Samsung models.


Is The Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV Worth The Money?

Samsung UN55F7000 is a perfect companion for any blue ray player and high end graphics cards. It not only displays HD content at the highest level of pixels but enhances existing content quality. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest apps from Samsung making it a clear value buy.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV?

Samsung plans to launch F7000 series sometime in 2013, making it available in chain stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung UN55F7000 LED HDTV


The Samsung UN55F7000 has received positive reviews and, once released to the public you can expect this model to become one of the fastest selling and most in demand HDTVs of 2013.

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