Samsung UN46F7500 LED-LCDThe Samsung UN46F7500 is the smallest installment of the new line of Samsung HDTV’s that are seeking to redefine the market with a collection of user friendly technology owned by Samsung. Each of these models, including the 46-inch version features 1080p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate, which has become somewhat the standard for today’s new HDTVs entering the market. Samsung is not looking to compete with other high-end brands when it comes to image quality and viewing experience.


With new breakthrough technology that is part of the revolution redefining televisions as Smart TV’s, Samsung is offering some of the latest apps and software to do just that. Samsung’s UN46F7500 features built-in Wi-Fi and comes internet-ready with Smart Hub 2.0. This technology allows users to segment their HDTV experience into television watching, social media access (including streaming Facebook and Twitter updates), apps, streaming movies and photo/video content from network access. Owners will enjoy being able to stream pictures and videos directly from their mobile devices onto their HDTV screens.


The built-in retractable camera and voice recognition capabilities bring user interactivity to a completely new level. The proprietary S-Recommendation engine provides users with recommendations in thumbnails that show at the bottom of the screen allowing for endless entertainment. The upgrade to a quad-core processor in these newer models combined with the patented Motion Judder Cancellation Pro technology makes viewing for games, movies and application use much smoother and enjoyable. Finally, the Samsung App Store features access to many great games and applications that can all be used with the UN46F7500 LED-LCD. All of this, in a sleek and modern looking frame that measures just 0.2 inches thick.


How Much?


The price for the Samsung UN46F7500 LED-LCD has not been officially released, however speculation is that it will be just under $2000 dollars.



Who Would Buy This Samsung LED-LCD?


The Samsung UN46F7500 is more than just a television. It is an entertainment center and a next generation user experience. While most TV’s feature access to applications or internet connectivity, Samsung has packaged this in a way that appeals to consumers who are less tech savvy yet want the remarkable experience of having every app, video and form of media at their fingertips.


Samsung UN46F7500 LED-LCD ReviewThings we like about the Samsung UN46F7500


The improved voice recognition software and retractable camera make this HDTV more than a passive experience. With the ability to recognize requests for certain TV shows and applications, this means that if the remote is nowhere to be found, all TV-related activities can go on uninterrupted.


The added ability to control house appliances such as dishwashers and air condition through Samsung’s proprietary “smart” appliance technology is a very enticing add-on. Look for more do be done with this technology in the future.


Things we did not like about the Samsung UN46F7500


One drawback with the Samsung UN46F7500 was the dull black levels despite having great backlighting for whites and all other colors. This has been an ongoing issue with Samsung, and while this doesn’t take away much at all from the user experience, it is certainly noticeable when placed side by side another high-end next generation HDTV model.




This Samsung HDTV includes a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee (15% restocking fee included).


Is The Samsung UN46F7500 Worth The Money?


As a standard HDTV with 1080p resolution and a high refresh rate and everything else one would expect in today’s competitive market, the UN46F7500 might not be worth it. However, when you add on all of the patented user-friendly technology that Samsung is bringing to the table, it is a no brainer and worth the money every time.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung UN46F7500?


You can look for this model to be available in local nearby retail chains such as Walmart and Best Buy. Online retailers like Amazon are also likely going to carry this new line of HDTVs by Samsung.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung UN46F7500


Many users have reported having a phenomenal first-time experience with the UN46F7500. The user interface is so smooth and slick, that many find themselves transitioning effortless from one form of media to the next (i.e. a movie to an application to Facebook updates). The one thing that almost everyone shares in common when commenting on their experiences with this new generation of HDTV is the ease of use. Samsung is trying to bring all of the SmartTV technology in a package that is easy for users to identify with and enjoy. The Smart Hub 2.0 is going to become the new standard for HDTV’s as large companies like Samsung vie for top position in this increasingly competitive market. Samsung has taken a clear lead with its latest installment of HDTV’s and other companies clearly have their work cut out for them.



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