Samsung ST150F CameraThe ST150F is a new class of camera unveiled by Samsung at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics show. The ST150F is a compact design camera with dimensions of 3.71 x 2.83 inches and is only 0.7 inches thick. It has a powerful 16.2 mega pixel CCD image sensor and a bright F2.5 lens that shoots clear photos. The lens is 25mm in size and offers a 5x of optical zoom with digital image stabilization (DIS) technology.

The ST150F camera features a 3.0 inch intelligent LCD wider display that offers improved colors and its intelligent sensor automatically adjusts brightness for optimum viewing. It offers advanced Wi-Fi connectivity with built-in instant sharing options and shortcuts. Users can quickly connect to the online world, while quick Social networking, Auto share, Cloud, AllShare Play and Auto Backup provide users with ease-to-share precious memories with friends and family at the click of a button.

Other features include the mobile view and remote view finder that easily lets users manage the smart camera from a smart phone or other mobile device. It has built-in smart filter, magic frame, smart auto and motion photo features that allow users to smartly trim photos without the need of external photo editing software. It can record HD video at 720p and includes, auto focus, multi focus, face detection, white balance and still image functions and supports external memory up to a maximum of 64 GB.


How Much?

The average price of the Samsung ST150F smart camera starts at $149, however there are some stores online that may be selling it for  a discounted price of $129.


Who Would Buy This Samsung ST150F Camera?

The Samsung ST150F is a smart camera with a variety of functions and comes in white, silver, pink and black cobalt colors making it suitable for any age or gender really. This camera is a perfect solution to anyone’s daily needs and students can particularly benefit from the affordable price range of this unit.


Samsung ST150F Camera ReviewThings we like about the Samsung ST150F Camera

The Samsung ST150F is a highly advanced camera that is built for any range of needs and uses. Its easy to use interface and 3.0-inch bright display allow users to shoot stunning photos with instant sharing over Internet through Wi-Fi connectivity. It features a USB 2.0 high-speed interface and maximum expandable memory up to 64 GB depending on the type of memory card.


Things we did not like about the Samsung ST150F Camera

The Samsung ST150F is a near-perfect camera, however it has only a 5x optical zoom, which is indeed not enough to shoot images at great distances.



The Samsung ST150F comes with an official 1-year warranty from Samsung.


Is The Samsung ST150F Camera Worth The Money?

Definitely, this camera is worth the price because for just $149 users can enjoy high-end features that would normally cost double or triple the price in most other models.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung ST150F Camera?

The Samsung ST150F is available at major electronic retailers and can also be found at major shopping retailers like Walmart and Target.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung ST150F Camera

So far, the Samsung ST150F smart camera has received positive feedback and people are quite impressed with the range of cutting edge features they are getting for such an affordable price.

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