Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV ReviewThe Samsung F8500 series is part of a premier lineup of HDTVs from the F8500 series and includes a great collection of modern cutting edge features. The PN64F8500 is a 64-inch 3D Plasma TV with a sleek design and unmatched performance. It can display 2.5 times better brightness than ordinary LEDs and hundreds of times better black levels. This Plasma TV has a display like an OLED TV with incredible contrast and perfect viewing angles.

Unlike ordinary hardware, it is equipped with the Samsung A15 processor, which is one of the most powerful quad core processors that provides better video performance and frame rate conversion. It can do multi tasking with the ability to display one, two or more items of content simultaneously. With the elimination of pixel frames, you can enjoy better quality graphics without any noise at the highest frame rates and 2.5 time’s high luminance with brighter light output.

The PN64F8500 is also equipped with some of most advanced luxury features such as a pop up HD cam for video chat that remains hidden when not in use and a touchpad swipe remote controller that takes toggling between apps to a new level. With the Smart Platform, it offers Smart Interaction 2.0, smart hub, web browser and unlimited apps.


How Much?

The average price of the Samsung PN64F8500 3D plasma TV has not yet been made available, however we will update this article as soon as prices are released.


Who Would Buy This Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV?

The PN64F8500 is a premium quality 3D Plasma TV and anyone looking to upgrade their current Plasma TV or buy one for the first time will definitely enjoy this model. It has a super fast 3D engine, which is ideal for playing high-resolution 3D games and 3D Blue Ray movies, making it perfect for hardcore gamers and movie enthusiasts alike.

Things we like about the Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV

The Samsung PN64F8500 features are, for the most part above standard, however the 64-inch 3D Plasma Display really shines with 2.5 times more luminance and sharper picture quality comparable to an OLED display. Its ultimate black level options allow viewers to set picture quality according to varying room dynamics with brighter light outputs. Besides its high-resolution display, it has a more powerful 3D engine that takes your gaming experience to a new level.


Things we did not like about the Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV

The PN64F8500 is an amazing 3D plasma and everything about this model looks great except for the fact that it is more susceptible to damage like most Plasma models.

 Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV



The Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma TV will most likely come with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.


Is The Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV Worth The Money?

The PN64F8500 offers the quality that rivals an OLED TV without such a high price tag and with all of the new features, modern apps and utilities that are included, it is definitely worth the money.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV?

The Samsung PN64F8500 will be available at all major retail chains including Target, Best Buy and Walmart.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung PN64F8500 3D Plasma TV

So far, we have received positive reviews from customers about Samsung PN64F8500 3D plasma TV and early product testers have marked it as one of the most promising products to look for in 2013.

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