Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TVThe Samsung PN51F8500 is an impressive 51-inch UHD plasma television with full 1080p resolution and Smart TV capabilities. With a 400% improvement in black color production and 250% improved white color production as compared to the E8000 series, the PN51F8500 is the flagship product of a line of bigger, brighter and higher quality LED televisions.


The PN51F8500 also features local dimming and this virtually eliminates all judder making sports watching a reality no matter what angle you’re viewing from. Viewers can use 3D glasses from Samsung to get a tremendous 3D experience. These features are just the beginning for this model, as Samsung has continued to improve upon its Smart TV technology, including Family TV in this new line of HDTV’s. Families with Samsung mobile devices can connect and leave messages for each other through the new TV and also enjoy slide shows and other media from their mobile devices on the big hi-def screen.


Voice interaction functionality creates the ability to navigate all of Samsung’s features by simply speaking the names of their favorite actors or movies. With a full lineup of media sources including Crackle, Amazon on Demand, Hulu and Netflix to name just a few, users will never be at a loss of content to entertain themselves for hours on end. The front facing camera makes video chat on this massive 51-inch a reality and the touch pad remote with swiping capabilities allows users to effortlessly toggle between applications and media.


How Much


The average price for the Samsung PN51F8500 has not been disclosed, however the look for this TV to provide an affordable quality alternative to OLED TVs.


Who Would Buy This Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV?


If you are in the market for a high-end plasma TV with all of the goodies that come with Smart TVs and more, then this is the perfect product. This is also a great TV for families that are looking to be able to have a one-stop shop for media, entertainment and functional apps in areas like fitness and weight loss.

 Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV Review


Things we like about the Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV



One of the major benefits of the Samsung PN51F8500 is the TV’s compatibility with smartphones and tablet PCs. From video and photo sharing to being able to leave messages and communicate with family members through the TV itself, there is unlimited potential here.


Another great aspect of this model is the access to Samsung’s App marketplace, which features new and innovative fitness apps as well as HBO GO, which provides HBO televisions shows and movies on demand through Samsung’s improved user interface.


Things we did not like about the Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV


One thing that could still be improved is the 3D capabilities of this TV. While we have heard reviews that 3D looks great on this model, we noticed some flickering on the side of the glasses while viewing in 3D. This is a minor issue and Samsung may be able to resolve this with improved glasses.





The Samsung PN51F8500 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (15% restocking fee) and a limited 1-year manufacturer warrantee.


Is The Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV Worth The Money?


At the projected price point that this model is expected to come in at, while rivaling the viewing quality and specs of some other high end Plasma TVs that might cost four to five times as much, the PN51F8500 is definitely worth the money.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV?


This model will soon be available at all major retail chains such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target to name a few. Amazon will also be a likely candidate to carry this new model of Plasma TV.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung PN51F8500 PLASMA TV


Feedback for the PN51F8500 has been positive thus far. There seems to be a consensus that this TV offers value added service in the form of access to Samsung’s apps and software, which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the TV’s hardware and functionality. As Samsung continues to increase its variety in its App marketplace, there will be a whole slew of new and interesting uses for this model that will render obsolete any past perceived limitations of HDTVs.


Samsung is apparently getting voice interaction right, as unlike many other brands, models and previous versions, it works the first time and without having to continually say the word or phrase until the TV picks it up. This could be attributed to the high quality microphone that comes attached to the remote. Consumers also really like the new sleek and modern design of this model, which Samsung aptly names the Metallic Magnum Design. As far as new Plasma TV’s that are currently on the market, the Samsung PN518500 is a force to be reckoned with.

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