Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV ReviewThe new Samsung KNF559500 is the king of the HDTV world with some of the most highly advanced picture technology to ever be used in TV. Unlike other LCD and LED technology that uses traditional RGB to form colors, the KNF559500 is based on true OLED technology that uses electricity to pass through certain materials for making true colors. OLED TVs are lighter, thinner and better in performance then traditional LED TVs.


The KNF559500 was launched on CES 2013 by Samsung electronics as its first real OLED TV, equipped with a number of new and exciting features along with its unmatched picture quality. Samsung added two picture-processing features to KNF559500 that deliver killer picture quality like you’ve never seen before. It has a 55-inch flat panel screen that is ideal for Home theaters and TV lounges and you can enjoy crisper and sharper pictures as compared to previous models.


The new Samsung KNF559500 has top of line hardware including Samsung’s own made Exynos 5 chip, featuring a quad core processor to deliver an uninterrupted user experience. The KNF559500 is a 3D OLED TV that makes your viewing more vivid and as close to reality as possible with its Ultra HD display. It also includes Samsung’s patented Smart Hub technology that allows you to access multimedia content and an endless variety of games and apps for real time entertainment. It has built in Wi-Fi and allows you to connect with high speed Internet and features a camera for video Chat.


Samsung has introduced a multi view feature that allows user the flexibility to view two different contents by two different viewers at the same time using active shutter glasses. With multi view, these Active 3D glasses are equipped with headphones to deliver clear sound quality with noise cancellation. Multi view technology also allows 2D to 3D rendering at higher speeds.



How Much?


The average price for the Samsung KNF559500 has not been yet released but it is estimated around $3,000 to $3,500 dollars.



Who Would Buy This Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV?


The Samsung KNF559500 is equipped with features that make it the ideal choice for every person. Its 55-inch OLED flat panel screen is perfect for medium size rooms to bigger TV lounges and its OLED technology helps you to adjust picture quality up to each individual pixel. The Samsung KNF559500 model uses advanced hardware that is the best choice for hardcore gamers to play high-res games without compromising quality, and state of the art 3D technology brings your movie watching experience to life.


 Samsung KNF559500

Things we like about the Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV


Features that we really liked about this new machine is its real OLED technology that is considered among the best for its vivid and ultra sharp picture rendering. The smart TV engine is powered by a new generation A15 quad core processor with a clock rate of 1.35 GHz that never lets your viewing experience slow down.


The new Smart Hub feature provides gateway access to multimedia content and it is upgradable for when any future updates come along. It is equipped with voice recognition technology as well as a touchpad remote with microphone. Samsung’s easy navigation allows family members to browse photos and stream video with its built-in Internet connectivity.



Things we did not like about the Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV


Although the 3D HDTV is able to display 4K picture quality, it is almost without use right now due to the non-availability of high-resolution TV channels. Samsung does plan to launch an ultra high definition Blue Ray player in the first half of 2013 to play UHD movies.





Samsung has not announced any warranty yet, however it will likely come with a standard 1-year manufacturer warrant.



Is The Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV Worth The Money?


No doubt, the Samsung KNF559500 is worth the money for its cutting edge technology and highly advance features alone. Samsung is the first manufacturer to introduce Real OLED technology combined with 3D capabilities in a 55-inch flat panel TV. Its Smart Hub software makes it more like a smart computer than a Smart TV. Samsung is the first company to introduce 3D glasses with a multi-view feature that allows two different types of content to be viewed at the same time.



Where Can I Buy The Samsung KNF559500 LED HDTV?


Besides, no official launching date by Samsung, its booking has been started at major online retailers and electronic distributors and it will be available soon at most consumer outlets. We will let you know as soon as we will receive any updates.



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Since its launch at the International Electronics Show for 2013, it has received a warm welcome by Samsung fans and the public the world over. Many TV enthusiasts are hoping to have this ultimate machine in their homes so that they can enjoy the ultimate viewing pleasure of real OLED 3D TV.


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