Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound BarAs per Samsung’s continual promising to deliver new and innovative products, the company has now introduced the HW-F750, a wireless sound bar. The HW-F750 is also the world’s first vacuum tube amplifier that can be added to any home theatre system and also features a pre-amplifier which is balanced with a digital amplifier to deliver superb sound quality. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and completes any person’s home theater needs with a 2.1 channel sound system while its slim and stylish design is ideal to use with any TV.

One of the impressive pieces of technology used in this sound bar is the 3D surround sound system and gyroscopic sensors that work together and measure the height, slope and rotation of the sound bar and automatically adjust sound waves to the listener’s desired level. This revolutionary technology has removed all worries regarding where to put the sound bar as now one can freely adjust their sound bar horizontally and vertically without any restrictions.

It also features an Airtrack ON function that automatically senses the presence of a TV and turns on the sound bar as the TV is turned on. Another exciting thing about the HW-F750 vacuum tube amplifier sound bar is that it is controllable by a TV remote without the need for additional controllers. With blue tooth connectivity, it removes the hassle of extra wiring and gives any TV a sophisticated look.


How Much?

The average price for the Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar has not yet been officially released.


Who Would Buy This Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar?

The Samsung HW-F750 is a revolutionary product and every TV owner would benefit by having this product. There is now no reason to purchase an extra sound theatre system with Samsung’s official sound bar available on the market. Its wireless connectivity makes sure users don’t have to plug in extra power cables and with its universal connectivity to Samsung TV models make it the ultimate convenience for users looking to watch quality television with even higher quality sound.


Samsung HW-F750 BarThings we like about the Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar

The Samsung HW-F750 features wireless connectivity with a 2.1 channel sound system for optimum clarity and better surround sound. It includes surround sound with 3D sound plus, that automatically senses 3D images on the TV and configures sound accordingly while gyro sensor remove any issues as to where to place the sound bar as it can be placed at any level or position without any restriction.


Things we did not like about the Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar

The HW-F750 is the best audio solution for most TVs but lacks custom color and designs that can be switched out to match different TV styles.



The HW-F750 is expected to release in the upcoming months and will probably come with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Is The Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar Worth The Money?

The Samsung HW-F750 is for universal use for most televisions and it saves consumers money from having to buy an additional sound system along with having an extra remote controller to adjust sound levels separately. This is a clear value buy and will be worth every dollar once it hits the market.


Where Can I Buy The Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar?

The Samsung HW-F750 will be readily available at all major retail chain stores like Walmart and Best Buy, amongst others, soon after its launch.


More Customer Reviews For The Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound Bar

Customers are very excited about this add-on by Samsung and those that are waiting to purchase an official home theater system for their valuable TVs will find this to be a more cost effective alternative.

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