Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers reviewThe Samsung DA-F60 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers maximum portability and on the go connectivity. The speaker is designed by Samsung to accompany some high-end products with its wire-free and universal connectivity. Like all Samsung products, the DA-F60 speaker is truly a work of art with slim design, whole metallic finish, silver bezel on the corners of the speaker and an elegant side button that makes it an attractive and eye catching gadget.

The DA-F60 wireless speaker is equipped with the most advanced Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology that allows connection between two devices through radio waves. The NFC connectivity makes it easier for user to pair speakers with other portable devices and it supports the latest Smartphone’s and Tablet devices. Speakers also include a Samsung Sound Share feature that allows users the flexibility to connect it to their televisions through wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

The DA-F60 wireless speaker delivers the same audio quality as a Hi-Fi sound system and incorporates a built in battery that gives users approximately 8 hours of backup time. This small device is a combination of high-end technology and includes neodymium magnets and a passive radiator to produce dynamic sound with additional features of low frequency tuning and noise distortion for improved listening experience. This device is a complete sound system that offers portability and wireless connectivity even outside the home.

How Much?

The average price of the Samsung DA-F60 wireless speaker is expected to be release during the first half of the current year and we will let you know about its prices soon.

Who Would Buy This Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers?

The DA-F60 wireless speaker is a universal product and will be perfectly suited for any individual who likes to listen to music or wants a portable device for on the go connectivity. It connects to entire portable devices without any extra setting and makes it easier to use for any age people and a complete sound solution even outside the home.

Samsung DA-F60Things we like about the Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers

The DA-F60 Bluetooth wireless speaker is a perfect device for TVs and near-Field Communications (NFC) make it very easy to connect to portable devices in no time. The best thing that we like in this gadget is its long lasting battery backup and USB device input with a power share port to charge devices.

Things we did not like about the Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers

The Samsung DA-F60 wireless speaker offers much more than its volume and there are no glaring weaknesses to highlight in this device.


The DA-F60 wireless speaker has not yet launched by Samsung, however it is likely to come with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Are The Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers Worth The Money?

The DA-F60 wireless speaker is built on the latest hardware platform and combines some really amazing cutting edge features. Its versatility n pairing with such a wide range of devices makes it a really great buy.

Where Can I Buy The Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers?

The Samsung DA-F60 wireless speaker is expected to be a hot selling product and will be readily available at all major retail shops worldwide soon after its launch.

More Customer Reviews For The Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers

The Samsung DA-F60 Bluetooth wireless speaker has received great quality feedback since its launch at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 and the majority of customers state their intentions to buy it as their first set of wireless speakers.

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