Types of Televisions Flat Panel HDTVWhen opting for components to suit your home theater you may come to a moment in time when you need to decide upon which type and measurements of television you will need for the best possible viewing experience. There are many types of televisions on the market these days and technology is frequently evolving and emerging to be able to bring newer, bigger, and better televisions to a marketplace that one would think has already been saturated.

The good news is that the particular nature of this marketplace makes yesterdays cutting edge technology today’s bargain of the day. The particular brevity of new technology within the electronics industry works in favor of consumers by driving prices down in short order. Nothing is entirely unrealistic for the average consumer for too long in the marketplace as prices with electronics generally decrease over time. For this reason you can afford to be fairly selective when choosing components to suit your home theater. This selectiveness just so happens to extend to televisions sets as well.

There are essentially a variety of different kinds of television sets burning up the home theater market in modern times. Those kinds of televisions include the following: plasma, rear project, or front projection television. Each one of these have unique positive and negative aspects when it comes to home theater.

Plasma Televisions

All these televisions most of the time provide probably the most in relation to picture. Their designs make certain they are ideal for watching movies that are formatted for wide screen viewing and they’ve got a great deal larger viewing area than classic televisions and in addition they come in a wide variety of sizes to become able to adapt to many types of home theater needs. The single largest problem with these varieties of televisions is the price, which can be quite prohibitive, particularly as you consider the larger sized televisions but Plasma TV’s are continuing to decline in price making them an affordable option for homeowners.

Rear Projection Televisions

Rear projection televisions offer a great deal of quality at a much lower price than plasma televisions because it is an older technology and most people are upgrading. With these kinds of types of televisions the image is projected and reflected from the back of the television. One of the major disadvantages for rear projections televisions could possibly be the fact that they are quite sizable in an attempt to house the components necessary for a good quality picture onscreen. Another particular disadvantage could possibly be fact that there is a great deal of competition that varies in quality and you really need to study the various televisions before settling on any one in particular. The second hand market for rear project TV’s is plentiful and may lead to good bargains.

Other notable drawbacks to rear projection televisions are the fact that the lighting in the room affects the quality of the picture onscreen and you have a narrow watching range. Otherwise, the low cost involved is a huge bonus and makes the purchase of this type of television (specifically for a home theater) a possible choice or consideration for many. It always comes down to a matter of preference and the cost per inch on these televisions is low.

Front Projectors

Most of these are not exactly televisions in the classic sense of the word nonetheless they work well for this particular purpose and are perfect solutions for the majority of home theaters. The technology involving this type of watching medium has also evolved over the last few years. The days of big bulky television boxes that take up valuable floor space in your living room and that no one could walk in front of without seriously distorting the viewing area are disappearing. At present front projectors are mounted on the wall or from the ceiling and provide a nice quality of picture rather you are using a screen that is designed to maximize the quality of the picture or merely projecting onto a blank wall. Some home owners enjoy the theater room experience.

Flat Panel LCD and LED Televisions

Samsung, Toshiba, Vizio are other major brands make some incredible LED flat panel televisions that deliver full 1080p high definition picture quality to provide an incredible viewing experience. These televisions are generally slim and sleekly modern in design to make your home theater look polished and attractive. These televisions are mostly energy star compliant and save on electricity consumption especially when compared to the rear projection TV’s. Many home owners mount these televisions on the wall with racks or purchase slim stands to display them. With models upwards of 80 inches in size the viewing area is vast for a cinema-like feel comparable to using a projector. The cost of LCD and LED Tv’s has come down considerably and is very reasonable for most home owners providing they go with models that are slightly older and smaller in size. The newest and biggest models will cost more and could be upwards of a couple grand but if you love an at home movie experience or entertaining then a nice 80 inch flat panel TV will make the difference and be the perfect companion to your home theater system.

Smart TVs

Most of the modern televisions are smart meaning they offer WI-FI wireless connectivity and built-in apps for communicating with others remotely or surfing the web. In this sense the home TV is becoming more of a media center. Most newer TVs also have all the modern connections including USB and HDMI. This means you can link up your computer system or any device to your TV to view pictures or movies from your computer on your TV. Technology is moving fast and continues to climb to new heights when it comes to home entertainment.

3D Televisions

Yes, it is now possible to enjoy a 3D viewing experience in your home with special glasses and the right flat panel TV. Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio all make good models that support 3D viewing that delivers a unique and very entertaining experience.

What TV is the Right Choice for You?

There is no universal right or wrong regarding selecting the best television for your home theater. The thing you should pay careful attention to is which screen or which view you like best. Which type of television will give you the most bang to suit your home theater budget? You should also ask yourself which level of quality can you and can you not live without? These are important questions that should help you narrow down your search for a television to suit your home theater.

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