Samsung UN46F7500 LED-LCDThe Samsung UN46F7500 is the smallest installment of the new line of Samsung HDTV’s that are seeking to redefine the market with a collection of user friendly technology owned by Samsung. Each of these models, including the 46-inch version features 1080p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate, which has become somewhat the standard for today’s new HDTVs entering the market. Samsung is not looking to compete with other high-end brands when it comes to image quality and viewing experience.


With new breakthrough technology that is part of the revolution redefining televisions as Smart TV’s, Samsung is offering some of the latest apps and software to do just that. Samsung’s UN46F7500 features built-in Wi-Fi and comes internet-ready with Smart Hub 2.0. This technology allows users to segment their HDTV experience into television watching, social media access (including streaming Facebook and Twitter updates), apps, streaming movies and photo/video content from network access. Owners will enjoy being able to stream pictures and videos directly from their mobile devices onto their HDTV screens. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung ST150F CameraThe ST150F is a new class of camera unveiled by Samsung at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics show. The ST150F is a compact design camera with dimensions of 3.71 x 2.83 inches and is only 0.7 inches thick. It has a powerful 16.2 mega pixel CCD image sensor and a bright F2.5 lens that shoots clear photos. The lens is 25mm in size and offers a 5x of optical zoom with digital image stabilization (DIS) technology.

The ST150F camera features a 3.0 inch intelligent LCD wider display that offers improved colors and its intelligent sensor automatically adjusts brightness for optimum viewing. It offers advanced Wi-Fi connectivity with built-in instant sharing options and shortcuts. Users can quickly connect to the online world, while quick Social networking, Auto share, Cloud, AllShare Play and Auto Backup provide users with ease-to-share precious memories with friends and family at the click of a button. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung ST72 CameraSamsung unveiled its new and remarkable cutting edge smart series cameras at CES 2013 and the ST72 was among them. The ST72 offers the superb functionality of a high-end camera at very competitive price. Its compact design and 0.7 inch slim body make it so that it easily fits in a small jacket pocket and comes in four stylish colors; dark blue, white, red and purple. It features 16 mega pixels with effective CCD sensor and a wide angle F2.5 lens that offers 5x optical zoom.

Beside its ultra slim design it comes with a big 3.0-inch LCD display and unlike an ordinary LCD, it automatically adjusts screen brightness for optimal output. With manual controls, users can enjoy fast shooting round the clock and Wi-Fi connectivity ensures convenient connectivity to the Internet. Its built-in smart editor is easy to use and users can easily tag their favorite images with friends and family without any external device or software. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 84L9300U 84 Ultra HD 4K LED TV ReviewToshiba once again dominated the CES 2013 by introducing a mega 84-inch Ultra HD 3D LED TV. The 84L9300 TV proved to be a blockbuster for the company and a point of attraction for the public at CES by offering 4x1080p resolution with advanced 3D capabilities and Cloud TV functionality. The slim frame of the TV is outlined with a gun-metallic finish and a gray color strip at bottom of the front panel and is supported by two pillars attached to a hollowed out square stand, giving it a sophisticated look.

For ultimate performance, Toshiba has powered this TV with a dedicated CEVO 4K Quad+Dual Core Processor that provides four times 1080p resolution with a 240Hz ClearScan refresh rate. It converts and upscales 2D to 3D at a faster pace and offers viewers a cinema-like 3D experience. Its CQ Engine maximizes picture quality and includes Edge Enhancer, Color Master, Gamma mode, Expert mode and many more picture settings for an ultimate viewing experience. The Color and Depth Adaptive Resolution+ is another great feature that brings more realism when the color saturation is enabled. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 65L9300U 65 Ultra HD 4K LED TVToshiba made a very impressive entry in the CES 2013 with its eye popping and show stopping products including a L9300 flagship series offering three Ultra HDTV models with 4K resolution while being 3D ready. This 65L9300U TV has been designed with a modern appearance while staying true to Toshiba’s traditional look. The thin bezels on the sides panel are less than an inch wide, having a prominent grey color strip at bottom and a simple yet elegant stand with metallic finish.

This 65-inch flat panel screen delivers up to 4 times 1080p resolution and performs high rapid upscale with its CEVO 4K quad+dual core processor, which the company claims to be specially designed for the 4K UHD TV line. It offers a 240Hz refresh rate with ClearScan technology that ensures viewers get smooth and clear fast motion videos. The 3D playback of the 65L9300 model is highly effective and performs cinema like 2D to 3D rendering, while its Dynamic picture mode delivers stunning results with its powerful graphics processor. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 58L9300U 58 Ultra HD 4K LED TV ReviewToshiba unveiled its L9300 flagship series at the CES 2013 with top of the line Ultra HDTVs featuring a combination of 4K resolution and state of the art technology. The L9300 series incorporates a new design that casts a modern look, yet is simple and elegant, with gun-metallic trim and a hollow-shape matching frame stand that gives it a sophisticated look. This 58-inch TV includes every possible advanced feature one could imagine and provides viewers with the ultimate entertainment machine.

The 58-inch screen of this TV delivers four times the resolution of full HD 1080p with a ClearScan 240Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth images during fast moving scenes. Toshiba has powered this machine with its own CEVO 4K quad+dual core processor and its CQ technology upgrades any home entertainment system to a more advanced level. A dynamic picture mode, offers sharp colors with enhanced brightness and saturation for optimum picture quality. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 50L4300U 50 LED Smart TVToshiba released its latest Smart TV collection at the CES 2013 including the high-end L4300 series with advance Cloud TV functionality. The 50L4300U features a 50-inch LED display in a sleek flat panel format with a gun metallic finish, which Toshiba plans to be a benchmark color for its 2013 HDTVs collection. The slim design of the TV is extremely appealing with glossy black bezels of less than an inch and a standard filled-in square stand with a matching color scheme and metallic finish.

The 50-inch screen of this TV delivers full HD 1920×1080 pixels resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate for high intensity graphics. It features LED edge lighting for custom black levels and superb brightness to deliver extra crisp and great quality images. It incorporates modern hardware with a high-end graphic processor to render extra sharp colors so that every image seems more vivid and as close to reality. It maximizes the digital gaming experience by providing an enhanced view on such a big screen. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 32L2300U 32 LED TVToshiba’s new 2013 line-up of LED TVs consists of the L2300 series, which targets mainstream buyers and includes a 32-inch LED TV that Toshiba says is an ‘affordable yet stylish’ LED TV solution. Like the company’s high-end TV line, the L2300 series has also succeeded in getting a benchmark color scheme for its 2013 edition that Toshiba calls ‘Gun Metallic Satin Deco.’ The TV has been made increasingly attractive with its clear finish and sophisticated look, featuring a unique gray strip on the front-bottom of the panel and an elegant base making it easier to place anywhere.

The 32-inch class LED TV delivers 720p video resolution with a 120Hz ClearScan refresh rate and features DynaLight backlit technology that automatically adjusts the screen light to best meet picture requirements. It has a Dynamic picture mode for perfect details, sharper colors, less visual noise and realistic pictures. With its gaming mode, users can enjoy peak levels of entertainment and its dedicated game settings significantly reduce the controller delay. Read the rest of this entry

Toshiba 23L2300U 23 LED TVToshiba is well known for its durable and long lasting products, and has now come up with a new line of LED TVs for mainstream buyers. The L2300 series has been warmly welcomed by consumers at the CES 2013 and comes in 23- to 50-inch sizes. The smallest model, the 23L2300, features a 23-inch LED display has a sleek design and catchy look. Its color scheme is almost identical to its high-end models and features glossy black bezels and a wider metal strip at the bottom of its panel with a solid metal stand that enhances the overall look and feel of the TV. 

This 23-inch flat panel TV is based on LED-LCD technology and delivers high quality picture with LED backlight. It offers HD resolution with a ClearScan refresh rate and DynaLight technology automatically adjusts the intensity of light output. This TV incorporates some high-end features including a Dynamic picture mode that lets users adjust brightness & contrast ratios, while its gaming mode uses special settings to reduce controller delay and is an ideal choice to use as a monitor screen. Read the rest of this entry

2The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is a double data rate type three, load reduced dual in-line memory module with 64 gigabytes of memory. This giant memory capacity is built on a single chip module and meets the demands of every growing computing need. It is specifically optimized for high-end servers that require higher memory capacity at faster speeds for engineering, scientific, medical, financial and astrological computing applications.

LRDIMM is a new technology in the world of higher capacity Ram modules and it is better in performance than RDIMM. Unlike RDIMMs that limit the amount of available data to load on the data bus, LRDIMMs are specifically designed to provide a buffer for reducing the data amount to single load and allows users to increase system memory by adding more DIMMs per channel. Read the rest of this entry

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