LG Optimus Vu II SmartphoneLG Optimus Vu II is a high tech and user friendly Smartphone loaded with great features and offered in a very cool sleek design. The Optimus Vu II by LG is a great Smartphone for business and personal needs and is offered in a variety of colors including white, black and pink for personalization. Powered by an ultra fast dual core 1.5 GHz processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS this phone operates at high speed efficiency.   

With the latest trends and advanced tech in modern Smartphones LG has also come forward with its impressive LG Optimus Vu II which makes your Smartphone experience all the more better. It has a long lasting battery back-up, a comparatively good display and a wonderful “touch” experience. The LG Optimus Vu II has vibration, mp3, and wav ringtones to offer greater personalization. It is also equipped with a microSD card slot for up to an impressive 32 GB of memory.

The music backup and the picture quality of this Optimus Vu II Smartphone by LG are also praiseworthy and the capabilities offer consumers power in a compact package. The short height, thinner frame, and the wide display give it a unique and sleek look that adds to the phones attractiveness. On the whole, it is chic, trendy and has a metallic frame which makes its appearance all the more attractive. When it comes to fashion these trendy electronic gadgets can make powerful statements like a Gucci Watch or Louis Vuitton handbag.

Who Are The Prospective Buyers Of The LG Optimus Vu II?

Music lovers and consumers looking for a cool innovative mobile phone would find this LG phone a good choice. This is because the LG Smartphone has a 32GB memory back up card slot which allows you to store maximum music and movies. The battery backup being reliable and long lasting also allows you to spend long hours by listening to music or watching movies on this electronic gadget. The large screen of the LG Optimus Vu II makes your movie and music experience better and more enjoyable. The display is perfect with an amazing picture quality that rivals any Smartphone in the marketplace including those made by Samsung and Apple. Movie and music lovers are likely to find the LG Optimus VU II a great choice for their mobile experience and needs.

The appearance and shape of LG Optimus Vu II makes it appear like a notebook or pad. The features of the phone are also “noteworthy” just like a notebook. The camera in this phone is a competitive 8 megapixels and has good picture quality. The Smartphone is well equipped with proper hardware and software which makes its features all the more attractive.

What Advantages Does The LG Optimus Vu II Offer Consumers?

Like other Smartphones this LG Smartphone has a number of benefits associated with using it. The quality of this phone coupled with its elegant appearance is highly commendable and recognized in most reviews to date. The display offers high definition picture quality and the angles of this phone are clear even under poor conditions and in the bright daylight. The feather touch makes your touch screen experience amusing and enjoyable with faster navigation and movement to access your favorite options and apps. The audio quality is distinct and the phone allows you store more than 70,000 songs in it. This is definitely an added benefit for many consumers and music lovers. Storage capacity is a necessity in most electronic devices today and this LG Smartphone delivers enough space to make consumers satisfied. The LG Optimus Vu II also has 3G and 4G LTE connectivity. The Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth are very strong and thus they add to the advantages of this Smartphone.

Consumer Critiques for the LG Optimus Vu II

Besides the numerous advantages some consumers may find the size a little bigger than their typical pocket phone; however, some consumers enjoy the larger screen size and the phone is still compact. For consumers that are concerned about the size it might be wise to visit a mobile phone outlet and get a feel for the phone firsthand.

Does LG Offer A Warranty For The LG Optimus Vu II?

The LG Optimus Vu II has a standard one year warranty offered by LG. Moreover there are also options for 30 day replacement if the phone appears to be damaged under any conditions. This Smartphone should be available through most major stores and carriers.

Why the LG Optimus Vu II?

From its specifications and advantages it is evident that LG Optimus Vu II is a very useful Smartphone loaded with features and all the in demand capabilities consumers want in their mobile phone. The LG Optimus Vu II Smartphone is priced competitively, has features for personalization to make it uniquely yours, is powerful, and is offered in a stunning design that is sure to impress.

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