LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV

The LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV offers viewers a vibrant and quality picture that feels so real and lifelike, like you can almost touch it. It enhances your TV viewing experience to a great extent thanks to its exceptionally wide viewing angles and 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution.

Weighing only 89.5 pounds, the height, width and depth of the LG HDTV measures about 883.2mm x 1368.8mm x 354.7mm on a stand respectively. It enhances your TV viewing by displaying your movies and other TV programs in high definition quality to deliver a cinematic entertainment experience. It has a 600Hz max sub field driving for displaying clear video motion.

How Much Does the LG 60PA6500 Cost

The LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV is priced at approximately $1,599. Prices may vary between retailers therefore consumers should shop around for the best value and deals.

Who Would Buy and Use the LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV?

Consumers that want to upgrade their regular TV to a HD plasma 60 inch TV screen will find this a good choice. Moreover, this TV comes with a USB port, RF input for antenna or for cable signals, input for your PC along with 3 HDMI ports etc. It is equipped with great connectivity and integration options.

Some Key Benefits of the LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV

  • It has a built-in intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the lighting and color of the picture according to the room condition. So you don’t have to bother much about increasing and lessening the brightness each time you watch TV.
  • The razor frame technology used in this LG 60 inch plasma TV helps in reducing the thickness of the TV frame thereby allowing you focus on the picture better.
  • The LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV offers viewers a 600Hz sub field driving speed which displays fast paced scenes or images in a smooth motion or natural flow. This ideal for any sports channel or action movies.
  • Under the energy saving mode the LG HDTV has the ability of displaying around 12 sub fields per frame. It gives you a superior HD viewing experience over other standard HDTV’s.
  • You can save money and energy with the LG smart energy saving feature. Going green and conserving energy saves on energy waste.
  • The menu and TV settings are easy to use and make adjustments while watching TV.

Some Critiques about the LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV

  • Some consumers may find some screen glare if this television is used in a bright room.
  • It takes about 3-4 seconds to switch on; however, most large screen TV’s take a few seconds to power on.
  • The depth in the color black is less when compared to some LCD TV’s.
  • Some consumers may find the speakers are too loud and may maintain a low volume for viewing.
  • Some other models are Smart TV’s loaded with internet capabilities

Guarantee for the LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV

This 60 inch plasma TV has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor. Sometimes retailers will offer extended warranties and consumers should check with their seller to see what options are available to protect their television investment long term.

Is the LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV Worth the Price?

This LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV is worth the price if you are planning on just upgrading to a sharper feature. It has a TruSlim frame that can either be mounted or placed anywhere in the house. It also provides a stunning picture quality that looks lifelike and natural. When it comes to televisions and the viewing experience picture makes a big difference.

Availability of the LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV

This LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV is available at major retail branded stores in the city and also available at many online popular retail stores, where you can ship from. It is a popular model and should be sold in most online and offline retail outlets.

Customer Reviews for the LG 60PA6500 Plasma TV

Some consumers praise this LG Plasma TV for its size, thin frame and picture quality. In online consumer reviews many mention purchasing this TV as an upgrade to a bigger model. It appears to be a common praise that this Plasma HDTV offers viewers a one of kind vibrant and sharp full HD 1080p resolution motion picture within a thin 60 inche frame.


This LG plasma HDTV is not only an upgrade from regular TV but it also offers extra features that you can use just like you did with the old TV. This plasma TV is best suited for sports entertainment and viewing action movies with family and friends. The LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV is a great television set with excellent picture quality and a thin sleek frame to impress consumers and make a great addition to any home theater entertainment room.

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