LG 55LA8600 55 inch TVLG 55LA8600 delivers an amazing audio-visual cinematic experience. Did you know that the LG 55LA8600 is a 55 inch TV that delivers impressive sound and picture quality that makes shows and movies come alive? Best of all this LG high definition TV is competitively priced to deliver absolute value to consumers!

LG 55LA8600 is a 55 inch smart high definition television (HDTV) that features a sleek flat panel design. The LG LA55860’s sleek look and design are enhanced with the televisions invisible speakers. Consumers are able to have access to various channels on it in a very impressive way. The sound quality is very high and brings a distinctive clarity to hearing. The resolution of the LG 55LA8600 television is also very crisp and clear delivering vivid images and picture to owners. These features create a complete entertainment experience with stunning sound and picture.

LG’s intuitive and innovative Magic Remote provides users the ability to select their favorite shows and media to watch. It takes only a point and click motion or the use of LG’s unique Voice Mate technology that recognizes natural speaking to change the channel, volume or access premium content providers such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube directly from the LG 55LA8600 TV. This powerful capability enables owners to spend less navigation time in order to gain more time enjoying their favorite shows, movies, sporting events and gaming.

How Much does The LG 55LA8600 Cost?

This amazing LG 55LA8600 55-inch TV is available at the best price of approximately $2399 onwards and you may find it better with some good offers from the sellers. This is really a nice product that qualifies for your best satisfaction. Like most televisions it is an investment that will provide many hours of entertainment enjoyment to you and your family.

Who Would Buy The LG LA558600?

  • The LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV is a very apt LG television for most homes and you may even have this at other places as well for different reasons. Its light weight design makes it easy to bring it to the cottage for you and your family to enjoy.
  • The LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV comes with amazing features which really could make you use it at the office or as a display system in your business.

Positive Aspects and Benefits of the LG LA558600

  • The LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV is somewhat inexpensive and is competitively priced when compared with other well-known and established models and brands in the same price range.
  • Noise level is also reduced on this high definition LG TV.
  • The Smart TV internet portal offers consumers the best services along with a Wi-Fi dongle.
  • The secondary motion-sensitive remote is really another added feature in it that provides better and easier operation.
  • An immersive 3D experience for movies, shows and gaming is delivered through LG’s Cinema 3D technology that uses lightweight and battery free glasses to provide amazing and enhanced picture quality.
  • One would be amazed with the better clarity of the pictures on the LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV as there is almost negligible blur.
  • Consumers are able to access premium content through providers such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube directly from the LG 55LA8600 TV with the innovative and easy to use Magic Remote.
  • An inbuilt camera makes it easy for owners to stay connected to loved ones using easy video phone calls on this LG electronics TV.
  • 3D depth control allows users to customize their 3D entertainment. This innovative feature provides the ability to adjust the 3D effect to suit the personal taste and preferences of the user.
  • LG’s cinema screen has an attractive and elegant design that looks stunning and is impressive
  • Rich and full audio is delivered with 2.1 sounds. Owners are able to experience a brilliant opus with a powerful subwoofer that delivers depth and liveliness to shows, movies, sporting events and games. Feel the exhilaration of movies and gaming for a full cinematic and immersive entertainment experience.

Some Critiques of the LG LA558600

  • Some consumers may prefer other brands over LG such as Sony or Samsung.
  • Some consumers that have brand name devices like Samsung Galaxy smart phones may find it easier to integrate with a Samsung Smart TV but some users may have LG electronics that integrate better with the LG LA558600. LG is well known for creating some of the easier products to be able to integrate with.

LG 55LA8600 Technical Specs

  • Weight:  57.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 48.4 x 12.4 x 31.2 inches
  • Specification Met: Energy Star Compliant
  • Brand:  LG Electronics
  • Model: 55LA8600
  • Display: LED-lit
  • Display Size: 55 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Image Contrast Ratio: Dynamic Contrast Ratio TBD
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 240 Hz

Guarantee for the LG LA558600

LG 55LA8600 HDTV with smart media featuresThere is the standard manufacturing warranty from LG and you may enjoy the best service in the best way. Take a better look while you are making an order for LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV. Sometimes stores and outlets offer extended warranties which are generally a small portion of the product cost. An extended warranty on a higher end electronics product is always a good option because these devices are more investment purchases not expenses.

Is the LG 55LA8600 Worth the Money?

This is always a personal choice for consumers and is a better option for the people who really want to have a 55 inch TV at home that can be purchased at a reasonable price. LG is well known for delivering quality electronics products at great market prices. Many consumers online praise LG products for their innovation, price, and overall quality.

Availability of the LG LA558600

Consumers can consider buying the LG 55LA8600 in the stores but shopping for it online could really make the difference because most online retailers offer good deals and bargains on products over brick and mortar stores. This is a popular brand and model that should be available in almost all shopping retailers offline and online in the market.

More Customer Reviews for the LG LA558600

Many people have found the LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV as a great product and many consumers have really liked watching their favourite channels and sports. This is a good product for the whole family to enjoy.

3D TV Immersive Entertainment ExperienceThis LG TV provides many other benefits including the ability to use Skype to stay connected to family and loved ones, Magic Remote and Voice Mate to make it easier and faster for owners to navigate, universal remote to control many LG devices, media access, media sharing and smart device connection capabilities, 3D Cinema to provide a life like movie theater entertainment experience, immersive viewing experience, ON Now to help users find programming easier, built-in Wi-Fi, a dual core processor to provide fast speed and application processing, Game World for downloadable games, Smart World (app store) for accessing apps quickly to enjoy,  NFC to share media content like videos, photos and music on the screen, Intel WiDi capabilities, MHL cable connection capabilities, 3D world to access 3D video content, 3D sound zooming for greater sound immersion, 3D depth control, elegant design, incredible sound, energy efficient operation, and Full 1080p HD.


Consumers can have the right television at a reasonable price with the LG 55LA8600 55 inch TV because it offers many benefits, vivid picture, and stunning sound. This television is well-equipped with many attractive features that are highly in demand. Consumers will really enjoy watching various shows, movies and sporting events on this LG HDTV because of its stunning picture and sound quality. The LG 55LA8600 delivers an excellent value proposition to consumers and is truly a great choice for a smart 55 inch high definition television.

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