Robot MarriageStop waiting to enjoy YouTube videos on Roku. A Quick DIY solution will empower you to watch and be entertained by YouTube videos using Roku now!

Roku is the famed American consumer electronics firm that excels in home digital media services and products. The Roku electronic device is extremely popular and offers over 750 channels for viewing enjoyment. Roku’s unique and cutting edge digital media receivers allow users to access and enjoy video and audio services streamed over the internet. This specific reason is why it is equipped with loads of free and subscription-based services that it offers on its media platform. Roku digital media players require a compatible Television set that are able and capable to air and offer its media services. Roku has a presence on major and popular platforms like Samsung Smart TV’s and Apple TV but as of this writing, YouTube is missing from the Roku’s available channels. Is there a DIY way to watch YouTube videos on Roku?

How Roku works

Roku digital media players are inexpensive and allow simple home television sets and home entertainment theatres to become specialized media centres providing viewers with a gleeful and enjoyable entertainment experience through various media capabilities. Media centres are another level in home entertainment especially when they integrate with all the other electronic gadgets we love. A wired connection to the domestic router is required for connecting the Roku device to the internet. Its simple interface and unambiguous usage will let any user be able to connect to the many available channels on the Roku device. These channels are offered in a combination of free and paid channels. Many other services such as games are also available on the device. Streaming media from smart phones and tablets can also be beamed or transmitted at the television screen thanks to the Roku device that also comes with in demand Wi-Fi functionality. Consumers are thirsty for devices that integrate and work with one another seamlessly – the Roku is a great digital media player with Wi-Fi.

Is YouTube Available on Roku Platform?

This is a major question and concern for consumers. Roku boasts a wide range of popular internet streaming channels that are available worldwide but with the exception of the video giant which everyone knows as YouTube. YouTube is missing from Roku’s extensive list of over 750 channels that offers viewers almost all available channels. Most consumers wonder about how to watch YouTube videos on Roku and seek a DIY method. Are there any DIY solutions available to consumers? In spite of this dark spot there is still an easy to follow and simple technique left to work around this non-availability and to allow users to enjoy the benefits of YouTube on their TV set through the Roku device. Everyone loves YouTube so this is a bonus for Roku users.

How to View YouTube Videos on Roku ~ A DIY Solution!

As mentioned Roku has no dedicated YouTube channel but it has got the advantage of streaming media from smart phones and tablets and displaying them on the TV screen. For utilizing this feature consumers need to install a simple app on their phone or tablet, preferably a smart phone and tablet for the sake of compatibility. Customized apps like Juice for Roku and Twonky Beam are the popular go to services in this case. Once installed on the smart phone or tablet these popular applications will not allow anyone to browse videos through Roku but instead they utilize the handset to select the video to play with Roku. For initiating and using Juice on Roku or Twonky Beam on the Roku device a user simply must add the Juice channel or MyTwonky channel respectively. After the channel is added in the list of available channels on the Roku device make sure the smart phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As the apps are launched they list shows for the entire list of channels including YouTube from various sources. In this way users can stop worrying about how to watch YouTube videos on Roku and just bask in the enjoyment of their home entertainment system.

Overview of the Steps to Watch YouTube Videos on Roku

  • Using a web browser visit your Roku owner’s page, sign into your account and add a private channel. Then enter a channel (mytwonky or juice), add the channel, and confirm.
  • Go to Settings > Player Info > Check for updates on your Roku. This will update your Roku device with the new channel you added. Once the process has completed view My Channels and you should see a new channel for the one you just created.
  • Connect your smart phone or tablet to the same network as Roku. Download the Twonky Beam Application or similar app of your choice (Juice, etc.) available on iOS and Android (select the right app for the device you own and use) to your smart phone or tablet. Launch the Twonky Beam Application or alternative app you choose and you will be able to use it to watch YouTube videos. The Twonky Beam Application will even allow others such as TED.
  • The Twonky Beam Application works like any smart phone or mobile application. Remember to swipe, tap tiles, and familiarize yourself with its settings. More info can be found on the Twonky website.

Additional Twonky Beam User Options

  • Streaming in High Quality Video: For users that have a great connection and bandwidth they are able to stream high quality video by adjusting their settings (change bandwidth in Twonky Beam App settings)
  • Queue Videos: The Twonky Beam Application empowers users to play videos in consecutive fashion based on a line up of their choice (toggle the queue feature to turn this ability on/off).

Benefits of Using Smart Phones and Tablets with Roku

Besides the fact that the smart phone and tablet can be utilized to view YouTube videos on Roku, they can also facilitate the viewing of other channels that are not available on Roku. Besides this ability Roku Remote App enables a user to use their smart phone and tablet as a remote for their Roku device in case the device’s remote is missing or unavailable.

Benefits of Using Apps to View YouTube on Roku

Generally medium bandwidths are used to stream videos through the apps but if the Roku is connected to the internet through Ethernet then the scenario is completely different. The connection gets better and high quality streaming is possible without much problems with connectivity or other issues. Moreover videos can be queued in a playlist-like manner to watch them in a serial or ordered fashion. Watching videos on Roku has become even more enjoyable with the introduction of Roku devices with high speed processors and better Wi-Fi connections. Remote controls with built-in headphone inlets allow users to cherish the full benefits of videos without disturbing others. Sometimes keeping the peace and quiet at home is priceless. Learning how to watch YouTube videos on Roku with simply DIY solutions provides many benefits for owners and consumers that enjoy the entertainment of shared videos offered on one of the most popular platforms online. The ability to watch YouTube videos on Roku using Twonky Beam or Juice will heighten the home entertainment experience for owners.

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