redbox kioskLearning how to reserve movie and game rentals with Redbox for Android is easier than many gamers and movie enthusiasts may think. A few simple and easy to follow instructions can save time by enabling consumers to rent their favorite movies and games while on the go with their Smartphone. Redbox for Android provides convenience to consumers making it easy to find a kiosk and rent movies and games.

Redbox is Coinstar subsidiary that holds its expertise in rentals of Blu-ray Discs, video games and DVDs. Redbox recently released their Android application which aids in browsing and reserving movies and also helps in finding a Redbox kiosk from user’s location. Currently, Redbox has over 42,000 kiosks at locations more than 34, 000.

One can find and reserve Redbox movies and games at ease with this Android application. It provides users an easy way to find the nearest Redbox kiosk along with directions. Not only does it offer this ability but the Android app helps in searching movies by genres too. Additionally, once you have found a movie of your choice you are able to reserve it for viewing immediately from your Smartphone. This functionality provides users with convenience and flexibility for entertainment while on the move.

The application allows users to rent movies from local area kiosks for about $1.20 and $1.50 (at the time of this article). Considered to be one of the cheapest movie rentals, Redbox allows the rental period of one day. The followership of Redbox with its newly launched Android app has increased tremendously in a short time period. It cannot be denied that even in the past it was easy to load the Redbox website and reserve movies and games. However, with the app available on Android one can reserve a movie or game easily at any given time. Be it at your place of employment or while on the move, reserving a movie is just an easy and quick task with a few taps.

Below are some basic steps and directions on how to reserve movies and games easily:

  • Get a copy of Redbox app for your Android device.
  • Open the app on your Android device. You will require internet connectivity for using this application as it goes through the inventory of physical Redboxes and also required the log in details in order to reserve the rentals. If you think you would not get the signal while commuting then you can use the Wi-Fi at work or your local coffee shop and reserve movie or game prior to leaving.
  • Once you will open the app you will find a list of recent movie releases. You can easily sort the movies alphabetically on pressing the MENU button. You can also carry the search to find your favorite movie. Similarly, you can see the game list and can scroll through them alphabetically on the Games tab.
  • Once you are able to find the movie or game you were looking for, just tap on it and then hit the Reserve button. Once all your rentals have been reserved they would show in the Cart tab.
  • Now you need to check out by tapping on the check out button in the Cart tab. If you have not logged in until now you would be required to do so now. You may also have to fill in credit card information now. However, it might not ask you if you have done so earlier in the process.
  • Now your movie or games have been reserved.

Tips for Using the Redbox Android App

movie and game rentalsOnce you will reserve the movies and games you will find some extra spots in the tab. These tabs are just to encourage you to reserve more titles. Do not over spend in order to fill them all because it is not necessary.

Make sure you avail and make full use of any of the free promo codes for renting movies and games. These can be checked by visiting and viewing the “More” option on the menu. Check all the notifications so that you do not miss any of the codes. It is always a more pleasant experience when you are able to save some money.

The Redbox application is easy to use and people can reserve movies and games of their choice from any convenient place or location. The best thing about this Android Smartphone app is that it allows searching movies by categories or genres. This empowers users to save time and find the movies and games they are searching for easily. It also provides the nearest kiosk for the games or movies reservation. One of the commendable features of the Redbox Android app is the toggle button present at the bottom of application. This turns the location of kiosk which is selected as on and off. The movies have attached synopsis and one can view the trailers as well to gain a preview understanding of the movie before commitment. One drawback is that the trailers are not of very high quality.

All in all, the Android app for Redbox has made things easier for movie buffs and gamers. Now one can reserve and rent a movie anytime at their convenience and ease simply by the click and a few taps of their Smartphone. Being able to reserve movie and game rentals with Redbox for Android offers convenience to many gamers and movie enthusiasts when on the move.

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