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Samsung HW-F750 Wireless Sound BarAs per Samsung’s continual promising to deliver new and innovative products, the company has now introduced the HW-F750, a wireless sound bar. The HW-F750 is also the world’s first vacuum tube amplifier that can be added to any home theatre system and also features a pre-amplifier which is balanced with a digital amplifier to deliver superb sound quality. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and completes any person’s home theater needs with a 2.1 channel sound system while its slim and stylish design is ideal to use with any TV.

One of the impressive pieces of technology used in this sound bar is the 3D surround sound system and gyroscopic sensors that work together and measure the height, slope and rotation of the sound bar and automatically adjust sound waves to the listener’s desired level. This revolutionary technology has removed all worries regarding where to put the sound bar as now one can freely adjust their sound bar horizontally and vertically without any restrictions. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-ray PlayerThe Samsung BD-F7500 is a premium 3D Blu-ray player with extraordinary capabilities and features that other competing Blu-ray players are not currently able to offer. This new high end Blu-ray player was introduced by Samsung to support its flagship series of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs. The BD-F7500 premium Blu-ray Player is built upon the latest hardware and software platforms and supports up-scaling of SD and HD videos to UHD resolution. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung DA-F60 Wireless Speakers reviewThe Samsung DA-F60 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers maximum portability and on the go connectivity. The speaker is designed by Samsung to accompany some high-end products with its wire-free and universal connectivity. Like all Samsung products, the DA-F60 speaker is truly a work of art with slim design, whole metallic finish, silver bezel on the corners of the speaker and an elegant side button that makes it an attractive and eye catching gadget.

The DA-F60 wireless speaker is equipped with the most advanced Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology that allows connection between two devices through radio waves. The NFC connectivity makes it easier for user to pair speakers with other portable devices and it supports the latest Smartphone’s and Tablet devices. Speakers also include a Samsung Sound Share feature that allows users the flexibility to connect it to their televisions through wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Read the rest of this entry

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Single Powered SubwooferThe Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch It is equipped with a 12-inch long-throw woofer with a rating up to 300 watts of continuous power and unfiltered LFE input for use with low pass filtered subwoofer output jacks. The PSW505 comes equipped with a magnet shield making placement next to any other electronic equipment possible.


For energy efficiency, the automatic on and off circuit will instantaneously turn the amplifier on when a signal is sensed and it will instantly turn it off after 15 minutes of down time. Additional features include a one inch thick front baffle for distortion-free, accurate response and slot loaded venting for less turbulence, noise and distortion. Read the rest of this entry