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LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum LrV790R LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum LrV790R is a new innovation in home vacuuming that saves homeowners effort, hassle and housework. Automation is the latest trend in technology and whenever a laborious task such as vacuuming can be automated to save valuable time it frees up more time for enjoyment, friends and family. Today, many more devices that are used in the home or office are being produced with a concept of automation. The vacuum cleaner being one of the most frequently used home appliances has evolved with automation in the form of smart robotic vacuums. The new LG HomBot 3.0 robotic vacuum LrV790R has been released in the market to bring automation to the vacuum cleaning world and save homeowners and businesses more of their valuable time.

The LG HomBot 3.0 robotic vacuum LrV790R is ideal for cleaning the interiors of any home or office. The square design of this device makes it ideal for cleaning the edges and corners of any room area. The flat design of the device also facilitates cleaning under any furniture such as the couch, sofa or the cupboard. Thus this device can be used by homeowners and businesses for the purpose of cleaning a large or small home or office area. The cleaning and vacuuming is generally immaculate as the LG HomBot 3.0 is a smart electronic device that learns the area and calculates paths for faster and more efficient cleaning. Read the rest of this entry

3M FAP03 RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air PurifierThe 3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is a very good appliance to eliminate harmful particles in one’s home. If you choose a high performing air purifier or cleaner that is ready to get the job done in excellent fashion, this one could be ideal to have for your home or office. This air purifier is an effective appliance and can completely clean the air in homes and offices. Additionally, it is silent when under operation which is a plus considering the level of noise some air cleaners generate when in use. The 3M FAP03-RS being a quieter air purifier is ideal for bedrooms or quiet areas such as home offices.

This air purifier can eliminate over ninety nine 99-percent of home airborne particles including potentially harmful allergens and dust particles. A warning alert may be displayed when changes within the device occur. This air purifier has three fan speeds and can be utilized for areas that are 350 square feet or less. It has a 1-year limited warranty to provide owners with some quality assurance. The air purifier weighs only about 19 pounds and the unit size is around 23 ½ x 12 ¾ x 29 ¾ inches making it a powerful compact air purification appliance.

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Honeywell 17005 Quiet Care HEPA AirPurifierThe Honeywell 17005 QuietCare HEPA Home Air Cleaner is regarded as a nice product that will assist you in keeping every room very clean and free from dust and harmful air particles. That HEPA filter may well ensure that your living areas are totally free of dust and harmful particles. This air purifier can even be in rooms that will be as much as 200 square feet.

The air purifier is silent while operating and able to be easily programmed and has a convenient remote control. The home air cleaners electronic filter helps jog your memory for maintenance cycles. The carbon filter helps remove smells of pets, cooking, and in many cases tobacco. The home air cleaner has an impressive 5-year limited warranty. The merchandise dimensions are roughly 15 ¾ x 13 x 17 inches, as well as weight at about 14 pounds when being shipped. Read the rest of this entry