2The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is a double data rate type three, load reduced dual in-line memory module with 64 gigabytes of memory. This giant memory capacity is built on a single chip module and meets the demands of every growing computing need. It is specifically optimized for high-end servers that require higher memory capacity at faster speeds for engineering, scientific, medical, financial and astrological computing applications.

LRDIMM is a new technology in the world of higher capacity Ram modules and it is better in performance than RDIMM. Unlike RDIMMs that limit the amount of available data to load on the data bus, LRDIMMs are specifically designed to provide a buffer for reducing the data amount to single load and allows users to increase system memory by adding more DIMMs per channel.

The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM uses double data rate type three technology that provides faster speeds of 1333 MHz or above, and greater levels of performance than any other RAM. LRDIMMs are available in multiple densities and tested for lifetime performance and reliability. It uses low system voltage thus reducing load on the supply and its various temperature ranges makes it the ultimate Ram for working in rugged environments.


How Much?

The average price of the DDR3 64GB LRDIMM will cost around $2900 to $3000 depending upon the region and supplier.


Who Would Buy This DDR3 64GB LRDIMM?

The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is of great benefit to every high-end server. It supports all major platforms and works great with Intel and AMD CPUs. It is designed to work perfectly with the Intel chipset and server boards. Overall, one can say that any server is incomplete without the DDR3 64GB LRDIMM. It provides more performance and higher speeds than previous technology of DDR2 and its mega capacity saves ram slots having to add more LRDIMMs.



DDR3 64GB LRDIMMThings we like about the DDR3 64GB LRDIMM

The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is based on DDR3 technology that offers a bus speed of 1333 MHz or above, which is ideal to run memory intensive apps and the best solution for calculation-based applications that are used in research and scientific experiments. It comes with buffer technology that removes bottlenecks in data and ECC technology removes errors in the system.


Things we did not like about the DDR3 64GB LRDIMM

The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM includes everything that a high-end server needs yet we expect higher speeds and greater capacity modules in the near future.



The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is tested in rugged environments with extreme temperatures and complex working conditions and comes you with a lifetime guarantee.


Is The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM Worth The Money?

The DDR3 64GB, LRDIMM is definitely worth the money. It boosts the performance of even the most expensive servers and makes them run at their full potential. Its 64GB capacity saves money and motherboard slots from having to add more LRDIMMS for maximum performance.


Where Can I Buy The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM?

The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM is available at all major hardware and consumer electronics retailers as well as online stores.


More Customer Reviews For The DDR3 64GB LRDIMM

Customers are very happy with the release of the DDR3 64GB LRDIMM. It has alleviated their worries regarding higher capacity modules and its massive capacity has saved their server board slots from having to add more memory modules in future.





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