Best Gift Ideas for Apple i Devices - iPad, iPod, iPhone, iMacApple is a well established brand that makes some of the most innovative and cool technology products on the market. Their devices are in so much demand that at times people will stand in line for hours to be the first to wield the mighty iPhone 5, iPad 3 or latest tech gadget by Apple. Chances are if you are buying a technology gift for a loved one, friend, or distant relative that you rarely see an Apple device will not only make them smile, but rest assured it will make their life easier in some way, be high quality, do 1,000 more things than they need to do with their gadget, and enhance their hip coolness factor. When I’m a senior citizen surely I will be surfing the net with an iPad and working out at the gym with my trusted iPod that works perfectly even though I’ve tossed it around like a hot potato. Apple products seem to be not only innovative but durable and well made with quality parts.

Even if you are buying an Apple device you may have questions. What is the right type of device to buy? What accessories do I need? Is it worth the money? Making the perfect decision when gift giving is important because the smile you see in return is priceless. My heart has been melted several times by warm smile that makes it worth the countless hours of R & D to get it right. With Apple devices it’s tough to get it wrong because almost all of their devices are category leaders in electronics and tech.

The iPad 3 – a superb choice

The iPad 3 makes a great gift for people that are or are not tech savvy. The device is easy to use, powerful, thin and light, and great for reading. The screen is high definition (HD) and is easier to read in daylight than prior generations. The iPad 3 has a 3.1-million-pixel Retina display making the picture truly magnificent. The battery life will last up to 10 hours which is incredible juice for the person on the go. The device has built in, pre installed apps, but you can install any of thousands of apps available for download. Take pictures, record videos, listen to music because this device has it all. You can even attach a keypad for the notebook experience and type some content for your work or reports. Either way an iPad is a great gift and an awesome piece of technology to own.

iPhone 5 – a great choice!

The Apple iPhone 5 is a superior phone and makes a great gift. Most people that buy their first iPhone continue moving up the generations and staying loyal to the brand. The phone looks cool, is high quality, and has a sharp screen. A small device with a lot of people giving owners the ability to snap pictures on the go, listen to their favorite music, or indulge in a fun battle with the pigs in Angry Birds.

iPod – look super cool listening to your favorite music

Apple iPods are super cool and feature touch screens that are super sharp. These are small devices that come in a variety of colors to personalize the listening experience. There is a shuffle model that is great for clipping to your gear during an intense workout or running but there are armbands and accessories to strap the full iPod device on too. Apple always has options and one of the things that make Apple special is that they personalize your experience with the device. iPod’s are on the lesser end of the pricing model for Apple devices and still make a great gift. An 8 GB iPod can hold about 2,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video. Wow!

Be sure to check out iTunes to get some music too. Yes, Apple has a music store too and it’s easy to access songs with your device. The experience reminds me of the Staples easy button because it’s that easy.

The iMAC – Power, Elegance and Easy

When it comes to computers and laptops Apple is still a leader and well known for their advanced hardware and easy to use operating systems. Most of my colleagues and friends that own Apple computers and laptops find it easier to navigate the system and do their work. Plus, the stigma, culture and coolness effect add some value. Sitting it a coffee shop with a glowing apple logo on the back of your laptop is just cool. The sleek thin and compact design of the iMAC systems increases their appeal. Apple laptops and computers are reliable and durable. They seem to last longer and continue to perform well over time. An iMac computer by Apple is also a good choice for mobile developers looking to build apps in React Native for iOS and Android and programmers looking to develop in C++. iMacs provide for iOS development using Xcode whereas this option doesn’t exist on a Windows computer. The performance on Mac’s is great for programming and writing code where resource intense software, IDEs and tools are used.

Final Thoughts

Apple devices make very cool gifts whether buying for friends, family or yourself. These devices are used by students, home users, business professionals and just about anyone. When it comes to technology Apple has the bases covered with their innovative tech gadgets and electronic devices.

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