3M FAP03 RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air PurifierThe 3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is a very good appliance to eliminate harmful particles in one’s home. If you choose a high performing air purifier or cleaner that is ready to get the job done in excellent fashion, this one could be ideal to have for your home or office. This air purifier is an effective appliance and can completely clean the air in homes and offices. Additionally, it is silent when under operation which is a plus considering the level of noise some air cleaners generate when in use. The 3M FAP03-RS being a quieter air purifier is ideal for bedrooms or quiet areas such as home offices.

This air purifier can eliminate over ninety nine 99-percent of home airborne particles including potentially harmful allergens and dust particles. A warning alert may be displayed when changes within the device occur. This air purifier has three fan speeds and can be utilized for areas that are 350 square feet or less. It has a 1-year limited warranty to provide owners with some quality assurance. The air purifier weighs only about 19 pounds and the unit size is around 23 ½ x 12 ¾ x 29 ¾ inches making it a powerful compact air purification appliance.

3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier Features and Specifications

Capacity: The air purifier can operate in an area that is 350 square feet or less in diameter.

Fan speeds: The air purifier has 3 fan speeds providing owners with options and control.

Some other qualities: The air purifier is ultra quiet on the lowest fan speed and operates with little noise on higher levels. This appliance has a 1-year limited guarantee for owners.

3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier Positive and Negative Aspects

Positive Aspects

  • Warranty
  • Silent
  • Can keep a 350 square feet area free from harmful airborne particles and allergens
  • 3M is a reputable manufacturer and known for quality appliances and innovative technology

Negative Aspects

  • The air purifier like most appliances may require some cleaning and maintenance to continue working at optimal performance and smell pleasant

3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier Reviews

The 3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier, FAP03-RS may become an appliance you want to keep in your bedroom or some other areas in your home that you want to have very clean and fresh air. As one owner already claimed, “I purchased this product for one reason only. I required it to keep my four-year-old son’s bedroom free from allergens. I am pleased that the air purifier does the job, and I love the fact that my son does not have to deal with the allergens he had to deal with in the past.

Another owner of this air purification appliance replied, “I knew this would be a good air purifier. I purchased it finally in the spring, and it even really works extremely well for my den.

The 3M FAP03-RS Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier is an appliance able to assist you in keeping any area of your own home or office clean with fresh and breathable air. Whether this is for your home office, den, place of work, bedroom, child’s room or family area this is a quality and powerful air cleaner backed by a warranty that provides assurance.

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