Best Gift Ideas for Apple i Devices - iPad, iPod, iPhone, iMacApple is a well established brand that makes some of the most innovative and cool technology products on the market. Their devices are in so much demand that at times people will stand in line for hours to be the first to wield the mighty iPhone 5, iPad 3 or latest tech gadget by Apple. Chances are if you are buying a technology gift for a loved one, friend, or distant relative that you rarely see an Apple device will not only make them smile, but rest assured it will make their life easier in some way, be high quality, do 1,000 more things than they need to do with their gadget, and enhance their hip coolness factor. When I’m a senior citizen surely I will be surfing the net with an iPad and working out at the gym with my trusted iPod that works perfectly even though I’ve tossed it around like a hot potato. Apple products seem to be not only innovative but durable and well made with quality parts.

Even if you are buying an Apple device you may have questions. What is the right type of device to buy? What accessories do I need? Is it worth the money? Making the perfect decision when gift giving is important because the smile you see in return is priceless. My heart has been melted several times by warm smile that makes it worth the countless hours of R & D to get it right. With Apple devices it’s tough to get it wrong because almost all of their devices are category leaders in electronics and tech. Read the rest of this entry

Essential Digital Photography Tips for PhotographersDigital Photography is for Hobbyists and Professionals and a means to capture everyday life and those special moments. It seems today that everyone has a digital camera but are owners taking the best pictures with their cameras and using them to their fullest potential? Have you ever wondered how to take the best pictures or how to use your digital camera effectively to do more?

Digital photography has become a popular hobby and profession for many people. There are many great cameras on the market including Digital SLR, compact digital, film and underwater cameras. Most cameras can even take video and have many accessories to take unique and higher quality photographs. There are many courses that beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts can take to learn how to operate their cameras to take the best pictures. These are some free photography tips that cover some of the essentials when taking great pictures. These tips are for novice photographers looking to learn new techniques and for professionals that earn an income from their work. Read the rest of this entry

Xbox One Console ReviewHave you heard of the Xbox One Console by Microsoft? Is your current game console dated and missing some of the new exciting features like Voice control? Would you like to enjoy a more life-like and immersive entertainment and gaming experience?

The Xbox One Console from Microsoft is the much awaited and highly anticipated gaming console that most gamers and game players have been waiting to be entertained by since its conception. The Xbox One Console by Microsoft offers users a new generation of realistic motion sensor games, full time entertainment of live television and streaming of online movies, listening to your favorite music and you can experience all this and much more just at the command of your voice! There are no remote controls needed or required.

The all-in-one Microsoft Xbox One console will take users to a new world of games and entertainment that is custom tailored according to the unique preferences of owners. The design of the Xbox One console is very modern, elegant and attractive. The all new Xbox One Console functioning with your TV are the only two electronic tech gadgets required for a complete family entertainment or heightened gaming experience. Read the rest of this entry

Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFiSony PlayStation Vita is an innovative gaming device with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. It is a very handy device for portable gaming and people on the move. It’s innovative and abundant features and fun games make it a standout gaming system.

Imagine a PlayStation that enables you view live scores, who is playing in the vicinity or how gifting feature enables you discover where items like weapons, treasures and power ups are located. That is the all new Sony PlayStation Vita with WiFi complete with 3G connectivity. It lets you change the way you play and where you play. The gaming console has a front and rear camera to give the opportunity to imagine yourself in the game itself. It also has a motion sensor enabling you to enjoy the game to the fullest; tilting and steering your system as never before. Read the rest of this entry

ASUS Republic of Gamers G75VW-AH71 17.3-Inch Gaming LaptopNeed a better gaming experience? Does your laptop offer excellent performance, immersive sound and realistic graphics? Ready for a life-like and immersive entertaining gaming experience with the ASUS Republic of Gamers G75VW-AH71 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop?

The ASUS Republic of Gamers G75VW-AH71 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop Computer provides users with an impressive high definition (HD) quality gaming experience on the matte 1080p screen. This transition of playing games with high graphic settings from a desktop computer to a laptop is incredible especially with the built-in subwoofer with ASUS SonicMaster which offers powerfully entertaining and realistic gaming audio. Read the rest of this entry

LG Optimus Vu II SmartphoneLG Optimus Vu II is a high tech and user friendly Smartphone loaded with great features and offered in a very cool sleek design. The Optimus Vu II by LG is a great Smartphone for business and personal needs and is offered in a variety of colors including white, black and pink for personalization. Powered by an ultra fast dual core 1.5 GHz processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS this phone operates at high speed efficiency.   

With the latest trends and advanced tech in modern Smartphones LG has also come forward with its impressive LG Optimus Vu II which makes your Smartphone experience all the more better. It has a long lasting battery back-up, a comparatively good display and a wonderful “touch” experience. The LG Optimus Vu II has vibration, mp3, and wav ringtones to offer greater personalization. It is also equipped with a microSD card slot for up to an impressive 32 GB of memory. Read the rest of this entry

redbox kioskLearning how to reserve movie and game rentals with Redbox for Android is easier than many gamers and movie enthusiasts may think. A few simple and easy to follow instructions can save time by enabling consumers to rent their favorite movies and games while on the go with their Smartphone. Redbox for Android provides convenience to consumers making it easy to find a kiosk and rent movies and games.

Redbox is Coinstar subsidiary that holds its expertise in rentals of Blu-ray Discs, video games and DVDs. Redbox recently released their Android application which aids in browsing and reserving movies and also helps in finding a Redbox kiosk from user’s location. Currently, Redbox has over 42,000 kiosks at locations more than 34, 000.

One can find and reserve Redbox movies and games at ease with this Android application. It provides users an easy way to find the nearest Redbox kiosk along with directions. Not only does it offer this ability but the Android app helps in searching movies by genres too. Additionally, once you have found a movie of your choice you are able to reserve it for viewing immediately from your Smartphone. This functionality provides users with convenience and flexibility for entertainment while on the move. Read the rest of this entry

LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV

The LG 60PA6500 Plasma HDTV offers viewers a vibrant and quality picture that feels so real and lifelike, like you can almost touch it. It enhances your TV viewing experience to a great extent thanks to its exceptionally wide viewing angles and 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution.

Weighing only 89.5 pounds, the height, width and depth of the LG HDTV measures about 883.2mm x 1368.8mm x 354.7mm on a stand respectively. It enhances your TV viewing by displaying your movies and other TV programs in high definition quality to deliver a cinematic entertainment experience. It has a 600Hz max sub field driving for displaying clear video motion. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft Surface Pro TabletMicrosoft Surface Pro tablet is loaded with many features and is impressive in its design and powerful functionality. Microsoft leads by example with the Surface Pro Tablet. It is a great choice for everyone including students, personal, and business users. Users can use this Microsoft tablet to watch movies, show photos, or present work on the big screen through the video out port. Its sleek thin design and smooth finish make it an attractive tablet with style.

The latest offering from Microsoft is a perfect amalgamation of the latest in the technology and is user friendly with an intuitive UI and interface. This Windows 8 Pro tablet with 128 GB memory is stunning. The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is equipped with a 10.6 inch ClearType HD touch-screen display at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Read the rest of this entry

Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 Sports Headphones ReviewPhilips ActionFit SHQ5200 sport headphones are an impressive product that makes listening to clear music on the go an enjoyable experience. These sports headphones feature a light and durable design that makes it easy to enjoy listing to music when active, running or working out at the gym.

These ActionFit headphones by Philips have removable and washable ear pads that provide a way to enjoy excellent sound quality after many uses. They are offered in an orange and black design that is stunning. Since the Philips ActionFit SHQ5200 sport headphones have excellent sound quality they are also great for listening to music from laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets. Read the rest of this entry

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